Trevor Chowning

Trevor Chowning

Portland, OR, United States

About Trevor Chowning

Location: Portland, OR/Los Angeles
Birthplace: Indiana, USA
In his youth, Trevor visited a traveling exhibit of Andy Warhol originals, and became enthralled by the sheer aesthetic simplicity of the work. The impact of this exhibit never faded and later, would be further concreted into his consciousness by the visually stunning, yet simple elegance, of works by notables such as Jeff Koons and literally dozens of other virtually unknown painters who rely on strong color and visual punches. While he never received any formal art education, he credits the artistic talents of his parents as a strong influence on his personal style and the basis for both his art education and technical skill.

In 2014 Chowning issued a public statement confirming that he has Asperger's Syndrome. He has been the driving force behind for several years. His wish is to help other Aspies facilitate their creative minds into tangible artifacts by encouraging them to pursue their artistic endeavours.




PRESS: Entertainment Tonight, LA Weekly, Defamer, Perez Hilton, The Insider, TMZ, The Art of Obama


2013 Designed the Absolut bottle design for the City of Portland
2009 "Homegrown" Diesel Jeans in-store exhibit -Portland, OR
2009 "Crusaders vs. Haters" World of Wonder Gallery -Hollywood, CA
2008 "Hollywood D.C.-Lights, Camera, Election!" World of Wonder Gallery -Hollywood, CA
2008 "Dial "M" for Madonna" World of Wonder Gallery -Hollywood, CA
2008 "DepARTed" World of Wonder Gallery -Hollywood, CA
2007 "Holly-ween" World of Wonder Gallery -Hollywood, CA
2006 "The Homestead Gathering" -New Castle
2005 "The Homestead Gathering" -New Castle
2002 "The Homestead Gathering" -New Castle
1999 "Yesfest" -Indianapolis, Indiana