Olena Tsilujko

Olena Tsilujko

Lviv, Ukraine, Ukraine

About Olena Tsilujko

In my work, I outline the vivid moments of everyday life that I want to remember or even to return to again. Everyday life has a far greater impact on one's personality than we think. I focus my attention on those details that make the usual object unique. Uniqueness can be either beautiful or funny or ugly. I believe that reality does not need to be decorated, I appreciate its exclusiveness.
Born in 1973 in Lviv (Ukraine)
I create dolls and paintings.


Lviv National Academy of Arts (1999-2005)


Solo exhibitions:
2016 - "We come from childhood" gallery "Green Sofa" Lviv, Ukraine
2011 - "Crimea, August, heat" Art Salon "Art ramarnya", Lviv, Ukraine
2008 - personal exhibition "A lot of sun" Palace of Arts, Lviv

Group exhibitions:
2016 - 2019, 2013, 2012 - Doll and Taddy Bear Salon "Fashion Doll" Kyiv, Ukraine
2016 -2018, 2009-2014 - the traditional Christmas Exhibition Gallery in "Green Sofa" Lviv
2017 - "Tales of Andersen: dolls and watercolor" Art-salon "Veles" Lviv, Ukraine
2017 - "Doll Constellations" (project of Lviv Club of Puppets) -"Shtuka" Coffee House-Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2016 - Charity Exhibition - Auction "Rare day calendar - rare dolls" Kharkiv, Ukraine
2016 - "Ukrainian monkey doll" Restaurant improvisation "Grushevskii" Lviv, Ukraine
2016 - Project "Marzipan History" Lviv marzipan workshop, Ukraine
2016, 2015 - Exhibition of art dolls "Inspiration", Dnipropetrovsk National Historic Museum Dnipro, Ukraine
2015 - Charitable social art project "People for Animals" Artefact Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2014 - "Seven simple stories about tenderness" Cafe-gallery "Stucka" Lviv, Ukraine
2014 - International Art doll festival "Lyalkar't" Arefact Gallery Lviv, Ukraine
2012 - Group exhibition "Euro 2012" Gallery "Green Sofa", Lviv
2012 - "Kyiv TeddyLand 2: Dolls Season", Ukrainian House, Kyiv
2011 - ISLAND OF UNWANTED THINGS International Miniature Graphic Art Exhibition Timisoara - Romania - 2011 (January)
2011 - "The Grotesque in Contemporary Art" Museum of Ethnography & Art Crafts, Lviv
2011 - Bienal Internacional de Gravura - Santos 2011, Santos, São Paulo, Brasil
2011 - II International Exhibition of dolls "Kyiv Tale" Ukrainian House, Kyiv
2010 - "Four Views" Gallery "Primus" Lviv
2010 - 6by4 Secret Postcard Exhibition, Art Space Portsmouth
2009-2013 - Lviv Festival "The Dolls World" 2006-2010, 2002 - Lviv autumn salon "High Castle"
2002 - "Forum of Young Artists" Palace of Arts, Lviv
2000, 2001 - the exhibitions of artistic association "Ktitor" Lviv, Kyiv