Tulika Das

Tulika Das

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

About Tulika Das

Australian artist whose paintings have been loved by collectors across Australia and abroad.

Selling over 175 artworks and counting, her journey into the art space began in August 2018.
Now she is ready to make her work accessible to collectors worldwide. Hope you find the painting and colour palette you've been looking for, for that perfect spot on your wall from her collection displayed here.

A short introduction to her world of art:

"I can say hands down that the rich art culture in Australia has inspired me to be the artist that I am today.
Australia is such an inspiration for both artists and art lovers. There's art everywhere -- fascinating murals on walls of narrow side streets, gigantic iconic sculptures dispersed throughout the city, swathing landscapes of endless fields, glowing beaches, those green sheep-spotted hills, and the decorated suburbs of Victoria where I live - they strike a chord, make me pull out my paints and brushes and pour down a few thoughts on canvas. It's my release and it's my addiction. I began displaying bits of my work an Australian online gallery from late 2018, and started gaining followers who quickly fuelled my sales. Seeing my paintings receive so much love has changed my perspective in life for good. If in India I had picked up the basics of colours and application techniques years ago, it is the vibes of this art-loving nation where my inner self has found to thrive in.
My artworks are mostly expressed through colours and soft shapes, sometimes staged with figurative style. I move between subjects in categories of nature, landscape, animals, and people, mainly in abstract, semi-abstract or illustrative forms. I primarily work with Acrylic on canvas, where each piece is produced after day-dreaming and planning the layout in my head. The inspirations are drawn from the walks of life - nature itself, a print on a bag, cracks cutting across road markings, or something that catches my eye for a second and fleets away leaving only a blurry impression behind.
Thank you so much for stopping by and appreciating my art, it means a lot to me. For any enquiries like having your own custom piece made, getting one of my paintings framed, changing the edge colours or any other special requests, please don't hesitate to contact me or the Saatchi team. We would love to make sure you meet the artwork you want to own in the best possible way."