Unos Lee

Unos Lee

Beijing, Beijing, China

About Unos Lee

An independent artist born in 1981.

Initially I was proficient in computer animation, but eventually I chose brushes and canvases to return to the natural and real world from virtual digital space.

For a long time, my mood has been unstable, the world in my brain has been very chaotic and manic, and my very sensitive character makes me feel too bad for the outside world. So I started thinking about a lot of basic questions of human nature, in order to relax my soul. So far, I have been fascinated by the complex relationship between body and soul, and have tried to explore the nature of the individual and the meaning of the individual's existence. I desperately want to find the ultimate answer.

My themes include desire, sex, instinct, life and death. Maybe these will make you uncomfortable, but I am who I am.


Master of Arts and Media, Communication University of China, 2006
Bachelor of Electronic Information Engineering, 2003


Please feel free to inquire about pieces not marked SOLD as they may still be available in local galleries.
If you have any questions about my artworks, please email me:


My artworks are held in private collections in Australia, China and more.