Valérie Auriel

Valérie Auriel


About Valérie Auriel

My painting follows in the footsteps of oneiric and poetic figuration. The world I paint is that of dreams, of the subconscious and of archetypes. My pictorial approach revolves around creating pictures that can be read in many ways, and provoking uncertainty. I may create figurative paintings, but they are certainly not illustrative. I aim to shape an atmosphere that can be interpreted in different ways.

On canvas or on paper, I explore the ambiguities inherent to representation. I intertwine different techniques to reveal the complexity of the visible world and evoke the invisible. I use acrylic, oil, charcoal, pastel, collage… I mix the script, leaving some areas only alluded to by light touches, unexpected spots of colour, superimposed layers of glazes, or on the contrary, drawing with deliberate precision a hand, a face, a small detail…

A painting for me must not be obvious or straightforward. It should instead incite discovery. Just like a dream also can…


2005-2012 : Paris fine arts workshops (Ateliers Beaux-arts de la ville de Paris) with the artists as teachers : François Bard, Antoni Ros Blasco, Antoine Pétel, Michel Village…


January 2020 : Solo show at Atelier Pièce Unique gallery in Fourqueux (78-France).

Novembre 2018 : Papers, thematic exhibition (5 artists) at Atelier Pièce Unique gallery in Fourqueux (78-France).

June 2017 : solo exhibition at Le Clos-des-Grives, in Veauvilles-les-Quelles (France) during “Les Jardins du Cœur”.
June 2015: exhibition "Living together" Versus & Versus, Paris, France
December 2011: Espace Segur, Paris, France
October 2010: Alexandre Cadain gallery, Paris, France
January 2009: Ateliers Beaux-Arts gallery, Paris, France
June 2004: Espace Arco, Paris, France