Valerie Auersperg

Valerie Auersperg

Auckland Central, Auckland, New Zealand

About Valerie Auersperg

I create pop-surrealist illustrations reflecting the world around and inside of us, pairing the expected with the unusual. A whimsical commentary on how our inner journeys, as well as the technology we use, transcends gender, age, race or nationality. My work always depicts a version of my inner self, but the moods, situations and stories speak to a broad audience.

My drawings are all created on an iPad and then printed on acid free paper in a limited edition of 33 per size (all signed and numbered).

Moving and travelling a lot made me make the move from paper to iPad - an added bonus to this is that it is environmentally friendlier 🌱and I am able to fluidly work on composition.

I am an illustrator with a complex background: half Austrian, half Italian, I have lived and worked in Vienna, Milan, London, Melbourne and Sydney and now find myself based in Auckland, New Zealand.