Valerij Sosna

Valerij Sosna

Bar, Bar, Montenegro

About Valerij Sosna

In my creative process, I constantly ask myself the question - what is art and painting in our time? In each painting I try to achieve one of two goals - to convey a sense of the world, as the Impressionists and Expressionists did in landscapes and still lifes, or transfer my inner feelings, perception and ideas to the canvas.

Many artists find “their style” in painting, depicting time just a few topics for a long in their own style and stop in looking for new ways. For me, this would mean a halt in creative development. First of all, art is creativity, which does not tolerate routine, and stopping at one style becomes similar to routine work.

Therefore, in my paintings you can see works in different styles - from realism and impressionism to modernism with elements of cubism. For me, style is only a way to realize my ideas. In my work, I choose the style for my creative tasks and ideas.

Short Biography

I was born and lives now in Dnipro, Ukraine. I’m a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.

For several years I studied at the art studio of Mikhail Pushnoj, a talented Dnipro artist. Then I studied for three years at the Moscow studio of Fyodor Reshetnikov, where I absorbed the energy of his paintings and the world-famous artists as Vrubel, Serov and Repin.

I traveled and worked in Europe a lot - Switzerland, Krakow, Venice and Vienna, where I discovered my own ways of depicting city landscapes and participated in local exhibitions. Paintings are kept in galleries and private collections in Europe.


National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture, Kiev


2018 - Ours. Sublimation of war, Dnipro city
2017 - Watercolors on chains, Dnipro city
2016 - Personal exhibition in Dnipro city
2016 - Winter Vernissage, Dnipro city
2016 - Our country, Dnipro city
2 010 - Personal exhibition of paintings in the Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum, Dnipro city
2008 - Flowers for women
2008 - All-Ukrainian exhibition of paintings in Dnipro
2008 - The first All-Ukrainian exhibition of still life in Kiev
2007 - Member of the all-Ukrainian triennale of painting in Kiev
2007 - All-Ukrainian landscape exhibition "Kuindzhi Memorial"
2006 - Participant of the International Plein Air - Exhibition. Poland
2005 - Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Artists of the Dnipro Region "New Countdown"
2004 - Participant of the International Art Festival in Magdeburg, Germany
2003 - All-Ukrainian Exhibition of Painting and Graphics "Picturesque Ukraine", Kiev
2 000 - personal exhibition of paintings in the Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum