Victoria Mitchell

Victoria Mitchell

Vancouver, BC, Canada

About Victoria Mitchell

Victoria Mitchell is a Canadian west coast artist from Vancouver British Columbia with a life long passion for creating visuals from emotions, inspired by what comes from within. Her extensive studies of body structure & kinetics over the years, as both a Registered Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher, have influenced her abstract representations of the figurative and natural world, and the way we connect to our environments. Victoria’s work is exhibited in various galleries throughout the year, as she carries out creative explorations in her Vancouver Studio.

'I'm intrigued by the exploration of communicating through painting. There are endless inspirations in environmental, physical and emotional dynamics, which find a new visual voice in ways which might otherwise be undefined. I enjoy sharing avenues for introspection with others, and illuminating common threads within us and with our surroundings.'


Private instruction as a youth, from local teachers and career artists. Arts Umbrella scholarship workshops were also prominent in early education, and I am otherwise self-taught.


Solo gallery exhibitions, open studio events, group exhibitions, lectures, and on-line exhibitions since 2017.

Newspaper, radio, TV and podcast interviews since 2017, as listed on my website events page.

Awards and jury select works have toured Canada, USA, and Europe (2021)


2017 The Federation of Canadian Artists juried exhibition 2018 The Hidden Garden Gallery solo exhibition
2019 The Van Dop Gallery group exhibition
2020 The Britannia Art Gallery exhibition
2021 The Queens Park Gallery exhibition

Many other exhibitions since 2017 are listed on my website events page.