Viktor Yukhimchuk

Viktor Yukhimchuk

city Dubno , Rivne region, Ukraine

About Viktor Yukhimchuk

I was born in the village Nahoryany, near Dubno, Ukraine. Live in Dubno all my life.
.I work in different styles and genres using oil and aquarelle paints, gouache, and also make graphics.
Mostly my works are book illustrations.
How do i draw my drawings? I make grimaces near the mirror when looking for a
needed emotion.
I love silence. Like working in the night when the city is asleep.
I strive to create expressive images, convey emotions, human behavior.
Also I love and paint nature: landscapes, flowers.
It is important for me to know that one can find interest in my works, so that I would know my work was not in vain.


Studied at Dubno School of Arts and Culture at the decorative art faculty


Took part in several group exhibitions in Dubno Culture House, in Kyiv and in Rivne, Ukraine.