Vinya Cameron

Vinya Cameron

Rösrath, NRW, Germany

About Vinya Cameron

Vinya Cameron is a freelance artist with German American roots. She was born in Germany in 1966. Living in Italy, France, and the US for long periods of time contributed to her creative development.
Vinya Cameron is known for her passion for constantly exploring new art techniques. Her multifaceted work reflects the inexhaustible joy on experimental painting.

The figurative paintings in her early stages were influenced by lessons of the great Italian and French masters of art.
Vinya took on art classes as an independent student at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome and later at the Académie Charpentier in Paris. Already in her early oil paintings one can sense her feeling for accuracy, subtleties, and intensity of pictured sceneries.

As of 2011 the artist concentrates more on abstract subjects. Here she works with natural materials, such as wood, marble chalk and paper and creates abstracts rich in detail while she puts her focus on surfaces, details of subjects, nature and the material itself. Cameron’s art arises spontaneously and without any plan - the artist creates them out of the moment.

Vinya Cameron doesn’t fit into any art genre. Open, curious and ready to learn she plays with esthetics, provocation or with art experiments. One characteristic feature of Cameron´s Œuvre are, however, her harmonious compositions and love for color, based on which the artist ist known as “Master of Color”.

Her works reflect her experiences and her creations happen by confronting and critically examining her life events.

The artist takes inspiration from her dreams and worldwide travels. Experiences stored for eternity in her giant color palette. "For me the art starts in my head. I often dream about materials and shapes and I try to implement them into my work. I keep my dreams with me and transform them into a subject" is how the artist explains her approach.

Artistic role model is the Russian-American painter Mark Rothko whose large-sized paintings with layered color fields explain her passion for abstract expressionism. Her love for colors on the other hand is also inspired by the work of US-American Ashley Longshore. Her pop-art works represent the world through the eyes of the artist while making a color intense statement.

Vinya Cameron's creativity was accentuated by her familial background: grown up in the Virgin Islands, her father, who is a US-American pilot and cartoonist, made way for her passion for arts and natural talent. He led her through the creative process beginning in early childhood.

Cameron exhibited her work solo and in group exhibitions, including Paris, Berlin, and Cologne.
In 2015 she opened an art studio with Ralf Kosmo called co/Atelier, located in Cologne. Here artists from many countries found a place to work, based on a sharing model.
The art studio she works in most of the time is shared with 2 other artists of the Cologne Art scene. Here she commits herself furthermore to experimental aspects of art.


Accademia di Belle Arti , Rome - Italy
Académie Charpentier, Paris - France
Web and Graphic Designer


Her Art Studio is located near Cologne, Germany
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CrossArt Virtual Exhibition 2021
Galerie EyegenArt - Cologne 2020-2021
Offene Ateliers - Cologne 2020
Design Passagen - Cologne 2020
Offene Ateliers - Cologne 2019
Artist presenting the new colour collection for Farrow & Ball in 2018
Offene Ateliers - Cologne 2018
Blauer Abend - Cologne 2018
Gruppenausstellung im WDR 2018
Kunstroute 2018
Kölner Liste 2017
Offene Ateliers 2017
Galerie EyegenArt - Kunstsommer 2016
Art'Pul 2016
Offene Ateliers 2016

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