Viorel Costea

Viorel Costea

Moinesti (Dada City), Moldova, Bacau County, Romania

About Viorel Costea

Dizzy bard, wild dreamer, clumsy alchemist, and a tenacious dadaist...
I'm an acrylic mixed media painter and collagist, a wizard who mix imagination with fantasies, a dreamers' store owner! From here you may buy various visions, some nirvana, a little bit of serendipity, different illusions, (very) new beliefs, mantras interlaced with tantras, various series of rainbows, vintage gods, and goddesses, nymphs, magic potions, gems, and so on - I really don't know the exact inventory! And, of course, you may discover my artworks - if those compositions will be good enough for your taste!


Master's Degree in Communication Sciences.
I'm also a passionate reader and the organizer of an annual International Art Camp in my beloved town, Moinesti (Dada City), Romania. I've spent hundreds of hours with professional artists (painters, sculptors, collagists, mixed media gurus, etc.) and so on. I've received from those artists some positive feedback and encouragement about my compositions and I've decided to start a new master in art...


2019 Finalist Certificate - CFA Artist of the Year, Lyon, France;
2019 FCG Visual Art Competition Selected Artist Florence, Italy;
2020 Honorable Mention Award Amsterdam, Netherlands;
2020 Merit Award - Grey Cube Gallery London, United Kingdom


2014: Recycled Trophies, Tampa, Florida, United States - collective exhibition;
2018: Dada's Experiment, Moinesti (Dada City), Romania - personal exhibition;
2019: Dada East, Tout Est Dada, Moinesti (Dada City), Romania - collective exhibition;
2020: Viva Dada! Dortmund, Germany - collective exhibition