Adriana Mueller

Adriana Mueller

Benissa, Provincia de Alicante, Spain

About Adriana Mueller

"I am fascinated by the magical interplay of light and shadow, as well as trees, mountains and reflections." // Drawings, watercolors and photography of nature.

Long hikes through the forest, along the coast or in the mountains are my source of inspiration. I prefer graphic and photographic design options to put my impressions on paper. Even as a child I loved drawing. Furthermore, I have been involved (self-taught) in analog photography for about 12 years. For me, drawing and photography are the best ways to express my reflections and feel free. A few years ago I started watercolor painting to depict the bright colors and vast landscapes on the Mediterranean coast.

Since 2016 I have mainly dedicated myself to digital photography – with a focus on landscape photography. In this context I am creating two blogs about outdoor activities and traveling. When creating, it is important to me to portray the originality and clarity that I perceive in nature. To make the essence of nature visible – its beauty, timelessness and magic. In my work I like to use the complex shapes of roots and reflections in the water as design elements. In addition, I am fascinated by the interplay (the infinite cycle) of creation, being and transience. Regarding my portfolio, I have to admit that I like to create series of selected motifs in order to show subtle nuances and variations.


Adriana was born in Dresden (Germany). During her studies of product design at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden and her internship in a design office in Zell am See (Austria), she developed her skills in design sketching and graphic design. Her passion for fine arts has always been omnipresent and so she decided to turn her artistic activity into a profession. Adriana is currently living and working in Spain.