Vittorino DiLallo

Vittorino DiLallo

Montreal, QC, Canada

About Vittorino DiLallo

I am an Italian artist now based in Montreal, Canada. I can resume my art as a long work around a language of sign. Actually, most of my compositions are like manuscripts, where simple geometric shapes, symbols and colors are the syntax to communicate with the viewer. It is an abstract and minimalistic shaped art.
Mosaic is my preeminent medium. It helps me enrich the expression of the work and, at the same time, keep the composition simple and clear.


Latest exhibitions:
"Solo exhibition" - Espace Aird - Montreal 2017
"Moin c'est plus" - L'Espace contemporain - Art Galley - Montreal - 2016
Solo Art Exhibition - Galerie Laoun - Art Gallery - Montreal - 2016