Viviane Perez-lorenzo

Viviane Perez-lorenzo

La Rochelle, France

About Viviane Perez-lorenzo

Viviane Pérez-Lorenzo was born in Bayonne in 1963, she lived her childhood and adolescence shared between France and Spain and more particularly in Andalusia where the discovery of Andalusian culture and Arab-Andalusian art was a real shock cultural.

Back in France, after having followed a secondary education in plastic arts, she obtains a literary baccalaureate and goes to studies in sociology, then in communication; at the same time, she self-taught software specific to graphic arts and publishing, learns printmaking and continues to paint.

After working for a few years in a communication agency, she turned to artistic creation.

Today a plastic painter, his works, with a rich and inventive pictorial language, reflect a reflection both on painting, color, on our time in its social, cultural and environmental dimensions, and on the place of man in this contemporaneity.