Walter Roos

Walter Roos

Hellenthal, NRW, Germany

About Walter Roos

Born in the year 58 in Nuernberg (Germany/Bavarian).
"Born as a draftsman/drawer" (Degas) is the motto of my life - I drew portraits from my earliest years and I am still fascinated by the diversity of the human face (of the naked female body as well).
I love the old masters, especially Renaissance painter and my favourite models are women.
I'm fascinated in: time,moments and curves and faces. It's my passion.
The technical side of painting is the "very old school" style. E.g. Silver pen and resinoil. My "drawing-soul" loves to reduce to the essential.
"Non finito".
Til end of study (1991), I've worked / lived as an Artist in Cologne. Since 1998 I'm working in Euskirchen (nearby Cologne) and Hellenthal (Eifel). I'm the owner/lecturer of "Artfusion" (Studio,Artschool and Producer Gallery) in Euskirchen.


1976 - 1979 Education. stonemason and sculptor
1985 / 1986 study Communication Design in Nuernberg
1986 - 1991 study Art/ Painting in Cologne


Since 1982 in Germany.
Continual Exhibitions in Euskirchen since 1998 in my own producer gallery.
Works are in worldwide private- collections