Raphaela Wespe

Raphaela Wespe

schmerikon, st.gallen, Switzerland

About Raphaela Wespe

I was born in 1996 in a small town in Switzerland. Since I was seven years old, I regularly go to a studio in my hometown. There I can be creative and do whatever I want, whenever I want. With my art, I find a way to wind down and express myself. Once I realized that other people can draw joy and happiness from my paintings as well, my passion grew even more. So here I am, trying to spread love and happiness to you, too.


2019 Freiluftausstellung "Quintessenz", Uznach, CH
2018 Einzelausstellung "Auf dem Weg", Galerie TonArt, CH
2017 Sommerausstellung Galerie TonArt, CH
2016 Louvens "Art Circle", CH
2015 Galerie Zeitfalten, CH
2010/13/15 Galerie am Rathausplatz, CH