Will Felix

Will Felix

Williamsburg, VA, United States

About Will Felix

Will Felix seeks a way of participating visually in a conversation about the world we live in, while circumventing the impasse of communicating in the modern town hall.

The current works are created in the digital realm, allowing for a contemporary challenge of expressing painterly abstraction influenced by the 20th century masters such as the Fauves and the Orphists. Will chooses to return to the symbolic explorations that were taking place before commercialism and hyperconceptualism took hold, in the hopes of encouraging greater reflection upon our realities.


Studied at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, under Professors Morton Grossman, Craig Lucas, and Doug Unger.
Took courses at the School of Visual Arts, New York City


2013 –
Halls of Art XII, Hampton Roads Convention Center group show, Hampton, Virginia

2011 –
All4One, Apollonova group show, We Gallery, Akron, Ohio
two, collaborative show with Rachel Roberts, Square Records, Highland Square, Ohio

2009 –
one, solo show, Front St. Gallery, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Art Tech: The Experiment, Apollonova Group show, The Lockview, Akron, Ohio

2008 –
AAA, Apollonova group show, Pop Shop Gallery, Lakewood, Ohio
a2, Apollonova group show, Asterisk Gallery, Tremont, Ohio

2007 –
Apollonova Artfest, Apollonova group show, Musica, Akron, Ohio
Vis1on One, Apollonova group show, Doubting Thomas Gallery, Tremont, Ohio

2006 –
The Vagina Monologues, group art auction, Musica, Akron, Ohio
Electric Lemonade, group show, Pop Shop Gallery, Lakewood, Ohio
Grand Opening, featured artist, Erewhon North Gallery, Akron, Ohio
Black History Month Exhibition, group show, Goldman Sachs, Jersey City, New Jersey

2004 –
Will Felix, solo show, Luna Stage, Montclair, New Jersey

2003 –
Winter Art Show, group show, Bloomfield Ave Storefront, Montclair, New Jersey

2002 –
Culture Lab 2, group show, Remote Lounge, New York City

2000 –
Black Velvet, group show, Orlando City Hall, Orlando, Florida
“EXP,” solo exhibition, Stardust V& C, Orlando, Florida
1st Thursdays, group show, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, Florida
RV Exhibit, group show, sponsored by Devoe Magazine, Orlando, Florida
Nude Nite, group show, VGroove Productions, Orlando, Florida
Black History Month, featured artist, Brick City Center for the Arts, Ocala, Florida