Wendell McShine

Wendell McShine

Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Wendell McShine

Artist Statement
In my practice, there is always a space that allows ideas to be without borders.
I believe that my work doesn't belong to a specific medium. Depending on the project’s conversation, an image is built using a collage of fundamental principles. The work’s cosmology consists of animation, installations, and drawings.
The process usually begins with some kind of sound element, whatever's on my playlist can be an entry point. I feel balanced enough to wander into sketching and the documentation of ideas.
Some of my influences range from North American contemporary arts and Caribbean / West African cultures. I work on several pieces at the same time in varying stages, leading not to a finished modality but rather another layer of research and visual investigation.


University of Navarra Pamplona Information Graphics, ES, 2001
Reuters News Foundation Information Graphics, UK, 2001
John S. Donaldson Technical Institute - Graphic Communications, T&T, 1996

Liverpool artist in residency at the BLUECOAT Award, UK, 2012
Trinidad and Tobago Film Company Award, “Art Connect Documentary”, T&T, 2010
Animae Caribe Animation Award, “Rainbow Hill”, T&T, 2011
Animae Caribe Animation Award, “Prosper”, T&T, 2010
Belle Foundation Art Award, USA, 2009
Atlantic LNG Community Art Grant, T&T, 2008
The Reuters News Foundation Next Generation News Graphic Award, UK,2001


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1st Bienal del Sur,Pueblos en resistencia Caracas, VE, 2015
Who ́s More Sci-Fi Than Us? Contemporary Art From The Caribbean - Kunsthal Kade, NL, 2012
Season Of Renewal, Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, 2012
Walls and Frames - Fine Art from the Streets Published by Gestalten, DE, 2011
Mexico Vivo - Museum of Modern Art, MEX, 2011
Rockstone and Bootheel - Real Art Ways Art, USA,2009
Nuevo Mundo - Latin American Street Art Published by Gestalten, DE, 2010

Adidas Originals, NL ,2012
Adidas Originals Celebrate Originality, MEX, 2011
4th Dimension Installation, Centro Historico Public Art Campaign, MEX, 2011
Adidas Originals, MEX, 2010
Beautifying Local Neighborhoods Project Cholula, MEX, 2010
Absolut Vodka, MEX, 2009
Public Space Intervention, MEX, 2009
Public Space Intervention Cultural Exchange House, MEX, 2008

California institute of arts experimental Animation workshop series, USA, 2017
Panelist Animae Caribe Film Conference, T&T, 2014
TedxYouth USA Facebook Headquarters, USA, 2013
The Royal Art Collage Animation Department, UK, 2012
Universidad Iberoamericana, MEX, 2011
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Panelist Postopolis Art Conference DF, MEX, 2010
The University of Trinidad and Tobago Art Department, T&T, 2009
Alice Yard Art Space, Panelist, T&T, 2009

A community outreach arts program created to promote self-awareness in people through the use of dynamic art and animation workshops.
Arts Project Pilot- T&T, 2009
Art Connect- Trinidad and Tobago, T&T, 2010
Art Connect- Liverpool, UK, 2012
Art Connect- Kunsthal Kade Museum, NL, 2012


Installation “Nomads”, Art Basel Miami Prizm Art Fair, FL, 2017
Screening “Temporal/Prosper/Rainbow Hill”, Anime Caribe Film Festival, T&T, 2016
Screening “Prosper/Rainbow Hill”, IDB Cultural Center, USA, 2016
Group Exhibition, Caribbean in Motion, Installation “Prosper/Rainbow Hill”, National Gallery Of Jamaica, JM, 2016
Group Exhibition, Caribbean in Motion, Installation “Prosper/Rainbow Hill”, IDB Cultural Center Washington, USA, 2016
Group Exhibition, Pueblos en Resistencia, Installation “In The kingdom Of Dreams”, Museo de Bellas Artes Caracas, VE, 2015
Installation “Freedom to Dream”, Art Basel Miami Prizm Art Fair, FL, 2015
Group Exhibition, Pop Up Art Show, Installation “Prosper”, Shanghai, CH, 2014
Screening “Rainbow Hill”, Legacy Media Institute, USA, 2014
Group Exhibition, AG Campaign Art Basel Miami, Installation “Untitled”, USA, 2014
Solo Exhibition, “Raccoon’s Law”, Gallery Fifty24 SF, USA, 2013
Solo Exhibition, “The Storytellers”, Betti Ono Gallery, USA, 2013
Group Exhibition, Seasons of Renewal, Installation “Prosper”, Art Society Trinidad and Tobago, T&T, 2012
Group Exhibition, Who ́s More Sci-Fi Than Us? Contemporary Art From The Caribbean, Installation “Batmen & Bow Ties”, KaDE Museum Holland, NL, 2012
Screening “Art Connect- Liverpool” documentary and exhibited work, Liverpool Biennale, UK, 2012
Screening “Rainbow Hill”, Portobello Film Festival, UK, 2011
Installation “Blue Face”, MACO Art Fair, MEX, 2011
Screening “Prosper/Rainbow Hill”, Animae Caribe Film Festival, T&T, 2011
Screening “Rainbow Hill/Prosper/Sunfly”, Antigua and Barbuda Film Festival, AG, 2011
Solo Exhibition, “The Offering”, Anno Domini Gallery, USA, 2011
Group Exhibition, Untitled, Installation “The Saints”, T&T, 2011
Group Exhibition, Walls and Frames, Pure Evil Gallery, UK, 2011
Solo Exhibition, “Behind the Blue Doors”, Gallery Fifty24, MEX, 2010
Group Exhibition, Fresh Produce, Anno Domini Gallery, USA, 2010
Group Exhibition, The 3 Show, Pure Evil Gallery, UK, 2010
Live Painting Installation, Parada 54 Gallery, MEX, 2010
Screening “Prosper/Sunfly”, Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, T&T, 2010
Group Exhibition,Rockstone & Bootheel, Installation “Prosper”, Real Art Ways Gallery, USA, 2009
Screening “Prosper”, MoCADA & NY Film Festival Kidflix, USA, 2009
Group Exhibition, Mexico Vivo Auction, Installation “La Puerta Abierta”, Museum of Modern Art, MEX, 2009
Group Exhibition, Mexico Vivo Auction, Painting “Tercer Mundo”, Museum of Modern Art, MEX, 2008
Group Exhibition, Fresh Produce, Anno Domini Gallery, USA, 2009
Group Exhibition, Mexico Vivo Auction, Painting “Mezcal Crows and Bandidos”, The German Institute of Design, MEX, 2008
Artrio Art Space, MEX, 2008
Solo Exhibition, “Mezcal Crows and Bandidos”, Gallery Fifty24, MEX, 2008
Group Exhibitions, Arte Urbano, Installation “Icarus”, Elaboratorio Art Gallery, MEX, 2008
Screening “Untitled”, IDN World 15th Anniversary, EU, 2008
Screening “ButterFinger”, Mobifest, US, 2007
Screening “Sunfly”, FICCO Film Festival, MEX, 2006
Broadcasted animation campaign, Televisa Television Network, MEX, 2006
DVD Compilation, The Science of Sleep, “Sunfly”, MEX, 2004
Screening “La Rata y el Caballo”, Festival Nacional de Rondallas Puebla, MEX, 2004
Group Exhibition, Dingole, London Print Studios, UK, 1999
Group Exhibition, NAME, CCA7 Art Space, T&T, 1998