WooL f

WooL f

Saint Paul, MN, United States

About WooL f

I was born and raised in Minnesota. I have an associate arts degree in commercial art. I’ve lived and worked as an artist all of my adult life.

My work is mostly based around my film collage series. The collages are made out of pieces of film placed and taped onto paper. They are unique and very rare. They are made of film scraps created as a production artist on a stat camera. The film can shine like glass or look matted depending on the lighting. Film makes for a clean image, even through several layers.

I like a variety of media and styles, so you may find color pencil illustrations, scratch board etchings, new media pieces and more. I gravitate toward circles and lines, making patterns. I find inspiration in botanicals, microscopic organisms, pop art and on.

I like movies, music and art and all are usually unusual. I prefer unusual people as well. I'm a wife and a mother, we have a teenage son.


I have an associate arts degree in Commercial Art from an art school in Arizona that no longer exists.