Walter Weinberg

Walter Weinberg

Vienna, Vienna, Austria

About Walter Weinberg

In my paintings i show the expression of my feelings in colors and abstract forms in acrylic on canvas. There is no concept, just authentic expression of the moment.
Photography: the viewer is to see the world from my subjective point of view. My visual journey of discovery takes place both at home and in distant lands. Thus, I share my point of view of other lifestyles, landscapes, cities and People with photographs.


1993-1998: Study of Graphic Design and degree in Photography and Art in Linz: teached by Peter Kuba, Erich Schwingenschuh, Helene Kaul-Fahrner, Ernst Wimmer ...


2019: CONTACT Photography Festival Toronto, Canada
2017: Clinic PSZW Eggenburg: „Artwork 2017“
2014: Galerie West46 Vienna: „The artist‘s self-portrait“
2011: Cultural Center Pollham: „Comprehensive Retrospective“
2009: Brussels, Vienna House: „City of Vienna“
2009: Vienna, City Hall: „Imagine Vienna“
1998: Linz, Danube: „Master Class - Presentation“