Pasquale Caprile

Pasquale Caprile

Liendo, Cantabria, Spain

About Pasquale Caprile


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The photographs of Pasquale Caprile, synthesize endless messages, sensations, experiences and varied themes thanks to his technique consolidated for more than 35 years as an artist. Pasquale's works take us to diverse situations, full of color, whites, blacks and grays. His commitment to research is constant, using various techniques and photographic processes in order to achieve the best results.

Pasquale uses diverse methods in the creative process and uses a wide range of materials. These materials include oil, acrylic, gesso, mixed media, watercolor, chemical and digital photo photography.

The focus and the final product demonstrate the commitment to excellent craftsmanship, general harmony, tonal palette, fluid imagination and strength in their composition technique.

Pasquale's commitment to photographic art is total, his creative process is constant. Interested in the way of looking, observing, analyzing light, objects, their locations are always well studied and recreated in tune with the process and lighting technique.

At 1989, he opens his first advertising photography studio
"Estudio P7 in calle Zurbano 95, Madrid.

He begins his collaboration with decoration magazines such as: New Style, Casa 16, Mucho Más, El País Dominical, Casa Vogue, Telva, Elle Decoración.
Since its inception he works for the best national and international advertising agencies, developed campaigns for a number of top brands.

At the end of the 90s he was a pioneer in digital photography, today he has not abandoned analog photography and for five years he is a pioneer in the technique known as; Humid Collodion, handicraft photographic technique with more than 150 years of antiquity.

During a visit to the international photography fair "Photokina" in Cologne, 23 years ago, he made contact with the International Lomographic Society, becoming since then his ambassador for Spain and organizing the First International Lomography Congress at the Atocha station , Madrid.

Photographer by nature, he is interested in observing, analyzing and telling stories with his photographs, using photography as a tool that allows him to express his feelings and fix the details of each day, the beauty of life and all its truths.

He is a tireless worker, very involved in his own projects, organizing photographic events and exhibitions.
He was the founder of "EntreFotos", a collective initiative for the promotion and original sale of photographic works.

Enjoy with teaching, teaching analog photography techniques for more than 15 years. More than 500 students have already passed through its studio.

He has participated in more than 30 solo and group exhibitions, including Los cielos de Madrid, at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

He is currently immersed in a new stage.
Resides in Cantabria, specifically in Liendo, a small town with a lot of singing where he works on the preparation of his new workspace focused on portraiture, creative works in art and advertising and photography.


He graduated from the London College of Printing in advertising photography and photojournalism.
In the years 79/80/81 during his stay in London, he combined his studies working in the specialized photographic and advertising studio of photographer John Chalis. Thanks to this unique experience, he was able to consolidate and contrast the knowledge obtained at the London College of Printing.

2006. Spider Award "Black & White. "Abstract" - Spatium series.
2005. International Photography Awards. "Fine Arts" U.S.A - Spatium Series.
2004. Lux. Silver of the AFP. Spain.
2001. Food from Spain.
1994. London International Advertising Awards.


Since May 2017 he moved to Cantabria, Liendo where he began to prepare his new studio and creative work space, focused on creative and artistic photography.
Start making new contacts with local professionals, Santander and Bilbao.

December 2016 and January 2017. He exhibits his project "Bodegones Cotidianos" at the Kreisler Gallery in Madrid. Collective exhibition.

Since February 2014 he has focused on the management and administration of his three photography stores, under the name CaprilePhoto / Lomography. It also launches a new ON-LINE store under the domain: - Shop built and managed from scratch. Associated social networks obtained 26,000 followers on Facebook and more than 3,000 followers on Instagram.
In March 2018, he transferred the business in order to focus his efforts on his passion for Creative and Author Photography.


December 2016/ Enero 2017.
Collective exhibition at the Kreisler gallery in Madrid.
Presents the project "Everyday Bodegones".
March / April 2014. Segovia Photo. Technical portraits Wet Collodion.
September 2013. Study Opening. Technique to the Wet Collodion.

September 2013. Espai Garum Gallery. Foliis et Floribus. Project to the Humid collodion.
January 2013 . Rina Bouwen Gallery. Foliis et Floribus. Project to the Humid collodion.
August 2012. Olot Photography. Foliis et Floribus. Project to the Humid collodion.
November 2010. PepePisa Gallery, Madrid. Relative Movement
October 2010. Puntólicasuperficie Gallery, Barcelona. Up and down.
May 2010. Collective OUTART, Madrid. Art outside of conventional spaces.
October 2010. Círculo Bellas Artes de Madrid. Collective: Los Cielos de Madrid.
November 2009. Gallery Rina Bouwen - Estampa 2009. In Game.
May 2009. Festival Artendencias. Cultural Center Pozuelo de Alarcón. Masculine and Feminine
May 2009. White Gallery Berlin. Madrid Photo. Singrafía and Up and Down.
August 2008. Olot Photography. Up and down.
June 2008. Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid. Collective exhibition After.
April 2008. Magee Iberia Gallery, Beijing. Embroidered photos, Collective exhibition on behalf of Spain in Beijing. List of artists: Ouka Leele - Isabel Muñoz - Ricky Dávila - Paco Pepe - Juan Gomila - Joan Bennassar - Mikel Navarro - José Manuel Ballester - Jaime de la Jara - Pasquale Caprile.
March 2008. Palace of the Serrano. Caja de Ávila. From the street.
February 2008. Galería Báculo, Madrid. Up and down.
January 2008. Castle of Santa Catalina, Cádiz City Council. Embroidered photos.
November 2007. Espacio Tres Góngoras. From the street.
October 2007. Rina Bouwen Gallery - Estampa 2007. Singrafía.
June 2007. SEN Gallery. Embroidered photos.
March 2007. Gallery Rina Bouwen. Spatium
August 2006. Biennial International Olot-Photography, Gerona. Spatium
June 2006. Holland ART Fair. Pablo Ruiz Gallery.
February 2006. Arrow. Collective exhibition. Papyros.
January 2006. El Jardín de Serrano, Madrid. The Flowers of Santa Barbara.
October 2005. Rina Bouwen Gallery - Estampa 2005. Papyros.
June 2005. In Kuetro Kasual. College of Architects of Albacete. Reliefs
September 2004. Collective 30 Anniversary Timberland. Yellow Boot
October 2003. Collective Exhibition. Help Tibet.
October 2002. Photo-Museum, Zarauz. Panoramic
June 2002 Galileo Cultural Center. Urban Horizons
May 2002. Taste Week. Collective in Casa de Vacas sponsored by IEDAR.
February 2002. Rina Bouwen Gallery. Collective (Anniversary).
November 2000, 2001 and 2002. Between Photos.
June 1999. PhotoEspaña. Rina Bouwen Gallery. Vietnam.