Ximena Lama

Ximena Lama

Bern , Bern , Switzerland

About Ximena Lama

Ximena Lama was born in Bolivia and grew up in Santiago de Chile. She lives in Switzerland since 2004 and currently lives with her family in Bern.
Part of her artistic process is to be inspired by the endless fund of press and advertising as you browse through magazines. Sometimes she has a particular vision for a collage and then looks for suitable elements for it. Often, however, spontaneous ideas shape her creative work, she chooses what she addresses, what moves something in her or reminds her of something. A crucial role in the design of their collages plays the subconscious, which manifests itself in the course of the creative process and urges for materialization.
In her collages, she processes searched and incidentally found, designed events and more or less intuitive ones. Material is recombined, single images are used to create new images and new details and details are highlighted. The aesthetics of the materials, i.e. Colors, shapes, texture and contrast are important factors.
In terms of content, her collages deal with topics such as the past, longing for the past, diversity of society, consumer society as well as gender resp. the role of the woman. With her collages, Ximena Lama wants to sensitize the viewer and introduce him to a confrontation with our world today. The various cultural influences of her personal background are also noticeable in her collages: The encounter with the Arab culture in Lama's earliest childhood - her paternal grandparents, of whom she was often visiting - are Palestinians - and her Latin American roots as well as the influences of the European Culture are clearly noticeable in their pictures.


MBA Universität Bern


19.01.19_Who cares?_Tour de Lorraine_Bern

21.03.19_Collagen “Zwischen Sehnsucht und Gegenwart”
_“Erlesen” Progr_Bern

​08.06.19_Street art NYC_Bern 

​14.06.19_Pink Tax Station_Kornhausplatz_Bern​_Progr Berm

29.06.19_Kunst-rendevous der anderen Art_ Kulturpunkt_Bern 

​2021_ _Ever Changing_Council of Europe_ Strassburg