Yana Dengina

Yana Dengina

Saint Petersburg, Russia

About Yana Dengina

Independent artist, designer, photographer. For me, painting is the expression of my emotions through color and texture. Currently, I am creating a series of works that represent a collaboration of photography and painting. In the near future, these works will appear in the gallery and you will be able to see them.

I work in different styles, I can realistically convey objects or bodies with graphics, I love to write with charcoal, this is full contact with the surface of the canvas, the feeling of its rough surface with my fingertips, its every "wrinkle and pore", this process is very intimate and gives birth to soulful works, works with soul.

Writing abstract paintings for me is a pleasure and an opportunity to create previously nonexistent images. When I paint a picture, it comes from within and does not depend on art education. The inner fullness is important, the spiritual world plays a role, and not the ability to realistically depict objects.
My favorite materials that I use for writing abstractions are texture paste, thanks to which you can create volume, with its help the smallest details and the depth of shadows are sensually transmitted.⠀

The secret of understanding an abstract picture is in perception. automatically triggered. That is, we switch from the perception of this rectangle to the meanings. we see-like trees or mountains there, and begin to consider the objects. Most often, we begin to evaluate, compare with reality, and then, based on the results of the comparison, we determine whether we like what we see.

Although abstractionism is considered a higher stage of development of painting than realism, the pleasure of an abstract picture is, on the contrary, easier to get. Just turn off the autopilot and look at the rectangle. One hundred percent, you can do it. Here are two people walking down the street, and one you like the way he's dressed, and the other you don't. What about their clothes? color spots of some shape, that's all. If you look at it, then attention was paid not to WHAT was drawn, but to HOW.

Each painting is filled with my passion for life, people's perception of their feelings and emotions, a non-standard vision of this world and my love for art.