Y Hope Osborn

Y Hope Osborn

Little Rock, AR, United States

About Y Hope Osborn

Y. Hope Osborn earns an MA in Professional and Technical Writing with a Creative Nonfiction emphasis summa cum laude December 2020, but her education wouldn’t be complete without valuable lessons in document design, website development, and the Creative Cloud Suite that fed her passion for photography. Self-taught in photography, she seeks elusive great Captures to draw out eloquent features to illustrate documents and websites and promote art itself.

Hope's interest and eye is trained by practice begun as a kid with a 110 mm camera and an ever-growing love for creative perspective. You most find her, amusing bystanders, bending in unnatural angles seeking that perspective, playing with color, angle, shadow, and light, particularly in architecture, but also the natural world. She enjoys growing her photo processing skills and instinct to further light up each subject and draw out depth, detail, filigree, or flourish.

Despite her lifelong interest in capturing life’s moments, it was only in 2019 that Hope began turning her passion toward professional avenues of competitions, exhibits, and nurturing photo processing skills and instinct. She shares her perspectives in social media and exhibitions, such as, Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR; Amiee Thompson Gallery in Inspi[Her]; Little Rock’s Artworks; and Delta Des Refuses, a part of a rich historical context. Competing with hundreds of international submissions, her awarded works are among online exhibits of Fusion Art, which awarded her an artist solo spotlight exhibit in June; Light, Space and Time; Art-Competition; Contemporary Art Gallery Online; J. Mane Gallery; and Monovisions. Additionally, more recently she is successfully pursuing publication apart and in conjunction with her writing.

Photography is the respite God grants me from frantic world and thoughts. I seek to Capture with just this time, but I am enthralled, and time stands still. Nothing matters, except seeing the beauty in shoreline driftwood, rain-rich flora, or filigreed architecture. I capture minute details of the world’s tapestry when I free myself from timetables.

God grants us a lifetime of meaningful moments—sometimes painful, sometimes joyous, but always fleeting. Light, seasons, people, experience all change. I recently walked downtown attempting to stay the time for yet another surgery recovery that adds layers to moments of pandemic and social unrest. I stay a moment, to slow a door closing on a chance lost. It is easy to look back at times like these, forgetting the lessons I learn each day—to enjoy quiet scenic walks in clear beauteous sunsets and the kindness of a friend.

Philosopher Mihkail Bahktin wrote of the answerability of art—a lively exchange between artist and audience in which meaning is born. This artistic exchange is so unique, creative, and alive no one expresses or interacts with the work again in the same way. The pieces I create or experience during crisis are unique in meaning and riches for artist and audience alike. As an artist, I am entrusted with expressing reality in ways that captivate, inspire, or inform each person as they stop a moment to enrich our lives in these elusive, creative pauses of life.


2020 MA summa cum laude, Professional and Technical Writing with Creative Nonfiction Emphasis, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR (expected December 2020)

2017 BA summa cum laude, Professional and Technical Writing, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Little Rock, AR


2020 Color Choreography, 5th Place Photography and Digital, 2nd Annual Lines, Shapes & Objects Art Exhibition, Fusion Art, June, 444 entries.
Ripples in Time, Finalist, 2nd Annual Lines, Shapes & Objects, June 2020.
2020 By Gones Here By, Curated in Gallery, Color: The Visual Spectrum, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR, 550 entries, June 2020.
2020 Old Passes Before the Young 2020 and Pent-House Pansies Photography and Digital, 2 of 20 Special Merit after top 20, Created in Isolation, Light Space Time, 1189 entries, May-July 2020.
2020 Broach and Monet Lilliaceae 2, Special Merit after top 15 Photography and Digital, 10th Annual Botanicals Online Competition, Light Space Time, 844 entries, April 2020.
Only Iris For You, Finalist, 10th Annual Botanicals Online, April 2020.
2020 Lean With Me and Autumn at Dardanelle 2, Finalists, 4th Annual Black and White, Fusion Art, 342 entries, April 2020.
2020 Ruins, Curated Online-Annex, Taking Pictures: 2020, April 2020, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR, April 2020.
2020 Verge, 3rd Place Photography and Digital Art, 7th Annual 2020 All Cityscape, March 2020.
2020 By Gones Here By, 1 of 16 Honorable Mention after 1st-5th, 4th Annual Colors Art Exhibition, Fusion Art, 497 entries, March 2020.
Repose, Finalist, 4th Annual Colors Art Exhibition, March 2020.
2020 Autumn at the Capital and Reminiscence, 1 of 15 Merit after 1st-3rd, “Seasons” Art Exhibition, Contemporary Art Room Gallery Online, January 2020.
2020 Oasis and Autumn at Dardanelle, Honorable Mentions, “Open” Art Exhibition, Contemporary Art Room Gallery Online, February 2020.
2020 Verge and Crossways, Finalists, 5th Annual Artist’s Choice Art Exhibition, Fusion Art, 422 entries, February 2020.
2020. Verge, Top 15 Winners as 1st Honorable Mention in Photography and Digital Media, Cityscapes Art Exhibition Photography and Digital Media Category, Light Space Time Online Gallery, 522 entries,
Aspire, Special Merit in Photography and Digital Media, Cityscapes Art Exhibition Photography and Digital Media Category, February 1-29, 2020.
2020 Autumn at Dardanelle 2, Curated in Gallery, Black and White: 2020, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR, February 1-20, 2020.
2020 Gazette in Red, Spiraling Upstairs Downtown, Dimensions, Stained Glass, Verge, Old Gazette News Ink, Aspire, Autumn at the Capital, and Golden Columns, 2nd Urban Lan, 2nd Urban Landscapes International Online Juried Art Exhibition (Group Exhibition), J. Mane Gallery, January 6-February 6.
2020 Cloud Complexity and Storm Clouds, 2 of 18 Merit after 1st-3rd, 1st Skies Online Competition, Contemporary Art Room Online Gallery, 180 entries, December-January 7, 2020.
2020 Spiraling Upstairs Downtown, Aspire, Dimensions, Stained Glass, Verge, Old Gazette News Ink, Gazette in Red, Golden Columns, and Autumn at the Capital, Urban Landscapes 2020, J. Mane Gallery, over 130 entries, January 2020.
2020 Crossways, Viewpoint: Landscape and Architecture, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR, 500 entries, January 1-20, 2020.
2019 Cloud Complexity, Gallery Choice (after Best in Show and Judge’s Choice, before 1st-5th), 5th Annual Open/No Theme Art Competition and Exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery Online, December 3, 2019-January 2, 2020.
2019 Flower Child, Honorable Mention, 5th Annual Leaves & Petals Art Exhibition, Fusion Art, 559 entries, November 2019.
Winter Blues, Finalist, 5th Annual Leaves & Petals Art Exhibition, November 2019.
2019 Autumn at Dardanelle, Theme Shortlist, Symmetry 2019, The Motif Collective Online Gallery, 180 entries, November 2019.
2019 Wood Sprite, Special Merit Photography, 3rd Annual Patterns Online Art Exhibition Digital Media, and 3D, Light Space Time Online Gallery, 652 entries, October 2019.
Berry Bower, Special Recognition, 3rd Annual Patterns Online Art Exhibition Photography and Digital Media, October 2019.
2019 Spiraling Upstairs Downtown, Honorable Mention (within top 20), 9th Annual Open (No Theme) Art Exhibition Photography and Digital, Light Space Time Online Gallery, 782 entries, September 2019.
Breaking Dawn, Merit


2020 Artist Spotlight Solo Exhibit, 9th Annual Artist Spotlight Solo Art Competition, Fusion Art, June 2020.

2020 Autumn at Dardanelle, 2020 Delta Des Refuses Exhibit, June 2020.

2020 Perspectival and Aspire (35-person exhibit) Ann Exhibit, The Rep Artworks, Little Rock, AR, January 27-February 27, 2020.

2019 Perspective and Oasis, Inspi[Her] An Exhibition of Women Artists, Aimee Thompson Gallery, Benton, AR, November 21-December 17, 2019. https://www.facebook.com/events/1138642479666314/?active_tab=discussion. Exhibition catalog.