Yigit Ozel

Yigit Ozel

Istanbul, Turkey

About Yigit Ozel

Yigit Ozel is a Turkish artist born in Istanbul, Turkey on 28th August 1989.

He has interest on multiple branches in addition to drawing; including sculpture, collage, music, photography and stop motion. The variety in his interests helps him to combine, create and use different techniques. The main subjects he deals with, are, mental illnesses and physical deformations with sub-catogeries like loneliness, death, isolation, despair, prejudice, dreams, hallucinations, unconscious mind and sexual fetishism.

He combines different genres in his works as he does with techniques he experiments and creates.

Almost all of his works have humorous touches in addition to some dark and frightening features.


Sabanci University, Istanbul. Mechatronics Engineering / 2007 - 2009 (Abandonment)