Yulia Lenina

Yulia Lenina

Shchelkovo, Moscow region, Russia

About Yulia Lenina

Yulia Lenina is Moscow and Kyiv based artist, working with acrylic, oil and collage.

She explores such personal themes as interaction of a human being with the Universe, trust to the world and chance. The main subject of her paintings is a landscape as a possible reflection of a human being.

She thinks that art is the personal act when an artist is emotionally and physically dealing with a canvas and medium, creating a dialog between all three.

In this dialogue she does not have a strong plan, often following the medium and accepting happy accidents. It is at the same time the interaction with the world and the inner self, when a person accepts all the world gives.

As Barnett Newman said "Just as I affect the canvas, so does the canvas affect me."

Painting expressively, she creates a complex body of layers, color and texture. Abstract forms, complex texture and partly raw fields of canvas give the sense of imperfection where the beauty is. Then, the dialog between the piece and a viewer begins.

She believes that art making expresses the universal experience of being alive and individual.


Kyiv Academy of Media Arts, Artist (in progress)
MoMA, In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting, Certificate, 2020

Moscow Plekhanov University, Marketing Program RIMA A, 2005
Saratov State Technical University, degree in Programming, 2000


Represented by
AG Gallery Moscow (Winzavod), Russia
Artflood Gallery (Moscow-London)
Artios Gallery (NY), USA


2020 - Bougie Art Gallery, "Abstract Art Today" group online show, Canada

2020 - Artios Gallery, "Winter mosaic" group online
show, USA

2020 - Nagornaya gallery, "Stay in touch", group show, Moscow, Russia

2020 – Palimpsest Gallery, “Sufficient minimum”, group show, Moscow, Russia

2020 – Molbert Gallery, “Flowers – poems of nature”, group show, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2020 - MERZ Gallery, “Schwitters’ Army” group show, Scotland, UK

2019 - Artis Gallery Moscow, Winzavod. “Stazis” solo show (together with Alexey Andreev and Stepan Artov), Moscow, Russia