Anne Cameron Cutri

Anne Cameron Cutri

Erie, PA, United States

About Anne Cameron Cutri

Anne Cutri has been pursuing her artistic endeavors for about 35 years. Her work has always explored the inner landscape and the unseen. Mysticism a key component and of late, prophecy, which orchestrates the symbolic and energetic interpretation of her intimate relationship to the Sacred Trinity and biblical teachings. Her preferred medium is oil on canvas, often mixing with other mediums such as collage. Cutri has shown her work from Boston to Houston and points in between, and is mostly self-taught. She is a member of Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) and founded United Christian Artists Revolving Exhibitions (UCARE), as well as Artists Who Evangelize (AWE), which also stands for Art Worship Encounter, an arts ministry which she co-founded at her church in Erie, PA.

Artist Statement
Art has the power to heal and transform. It can speak of things yet to come and things that come from within. Align yourself with the Holy Spirit, and you have a great adventure. My work is intuitive and attempts to go beyond traditional interpretations of the bible. To listen, hear, see the Holy Spirit through scripture and interpret its essence, not illustrate the words. There are so many mysteries that may unfold as one paints. Very often I do not know the full meaning of what I paint. If I have an inkling or a certainty as to what is before me, I may or may not be able to articulate its meaning. Often I seek guidance through prayer and scripture, to understand more deeply what is unfolding. The beauty of visual art, is if you create a living work endowed with the Holy Spirit, it should speak to the viewer in their own particular language. In other words, art has the power to carry with it a universal wisdom, and carry a life of its own. If that is accomplished, you have done your duty as an artist. I pray I am able to do what I’m purposed to do, through Him.


BA Art Therapy Cum Laude
Currently graduate candidate at St. Mary of the Woods in Art Therapy


AWE Gallery at the Palace Center, a gallery space that I curate and participate in has 5 shows a year in line with the Erie Art Museum's Gallery Night. The next one will be September 20th. I also conduct art for wellness classes in the classroom and on sight.


Anne Cameron Cutri 814-490-1841

Group Shows and Solo Shows
2019 #HAPPINESS ERIE—AWE Gallery at the Palace Center, Erie, PA – Created, Curated, Participated with the following artists: Tom Ferraro. Geoffrey Dunn, Robert Eustace, Barbara Crone, Larry Walczak, Jason Amatangelo, Kathleen Scarpitti, Susie Hosterman, Bill Kern, Rick McClelland, Shoniece Mercado plus poets and songwriters.
THE FEMININE SPIRIT—AWE Gallery at the Palace Center, Erie, PA – Created, Curated and Participated with the following artists: Ashley Pastore, Natalie Miczikus, Yurie Hayashi, Holly Nowak, Jane Davis, Elizabeth Kelly, Barbara Crone, and Katy Broach plus poetry and music,
2018 Founded AWE- Art for Wellbeing Everywhere-Offering various classes to the public
ECVA EXHIBITION—This Fragile Earth and The Jesus Movement: Loving, Liberating, Life-giving
FREEDOM 58 FACES OF FREEDOM —Traveling Exhibit throughout the USA since 2015
FROM THE CROSS TO THE RESURRECTION--Creator, Curator, Participant, Erie, PA
IMAGO Houston, TX- REDEMPTION --Juried show.
2014 SACRED RHYTHMS, Art at the Cathedral, Juror and Curator, Jesse Mark, Lexington, KY
WOMEN in ART 278 Magazine, Art featured on cover and inside for May issue.
WOMEN at PRAYER, ECVA exhibition, juried
ART AS HEALING, LECOM Medical Fitness and Wellness Center, Erie, PA, Juried Show
2010 TWO ARTISTS/OUR PROMISE: Hot Springs Airport, AR
2006 BEGINNINGS: Mustard Tree Arts Productions, Little Rock, AR. Juried Art Show.
THE 23RD PSALM: Mustard Tree Arts Productions, Little Rock, AR. Juried Art show.
2005 TRINITY ARTS CONFERENCE, University of Dallas, Dallas, TX.
1999 RIVER MARKET ART SPACE- Little Rock, Arkansas, Represented by Gallery
1998 SOMAKATOLIGON: Degrees of Embodiment - Art and Mind Physics. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Gallery, Boston, MA. Boston Visionary Cell, Inc. and Paul Laffoley, along with Harvard scholars.
1997 ARKANSAS ARTS CENTER - Little Rock, AR 40th Annual Delta Exhibition
SUFFICIENT GROUNDS - Little Rock, AR, Curator-Greg Thompson, Greg Thompson Fine Arts.
AMERICAN ART GALLERY - Hot Springs, AR, representation
1996 GALLERY IN THE PARK, Hot Springs, AR, Ardor, Sonja Crawford, Director. Solo exhibition
1995 GALLERY IN THE PARK, Hot Springs, AR- Feminine Spirit, fourteen works exhibited.
SUN CITIES ART MUSEUM, Sun City, AZ, Earth, Mind and Spirit
PURCELL’S - Hot Springs, Arkansas, representation.
1993 OLIVIA ENGH GALLERY, Pittsburgh, PA- INTO THE NIGHT - Paintings from dreams and other cosmic things,
DUNCAN AND PORTER HOUSE, Pittsburgh, PA, Art for the Homeless
1992 CLEVELAND PUBLIC THEATRE, Cleveland, Ohio. Art for All - A multi-disciplinary investigation
PEEP SHOW - Burmingham Loft, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A multi-disciplinary show The SEVEN CHAKRAS installation was included.
FRICK FINE ARTS, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.- Art for Aids, Directed by Vicki Clark, Curator, Carnegie Museum.
GROUP AVIARY SHOW - Pittsburgh Aviary. Members of Group A
HERR-CHAMBILILSS FINE ARTS, Hot Springs, AR, Broussard, Cerrai, Cutri
TRUMBULL ART GALLERY, Warren, Ohio, Concepts and Dimensions
1990 THE FEMALE GAZE - Why Not Etna, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 15 works.