Jane Attard

Jane Attard

Attard, Europe, Malta

About Jane Attard

I practiced drawing since young. I am primarily a self thought artist.
In the year 2000 I studied painting and drawing at the School of Art, in Malta, for 3 years and also, by on line courses, like 'Artacademy'.
I am inspired by my surroundings, nature and all that seems beautiful in my eye at the moment. I follow my thoughts transmutations and imagination. My palette consists mainly of bold colours. My preferred medium is oil.

In my art I enjoy transmitting a blend of beauty, light, form and color, often leading to an aura of mystery and grandeur. Very often my art is conceptual and I like to combine the romantic with the surreal.

Since early 2016 I took new studies in photography to developed my previous interest in this subject which I am now doing too.


I have reached up to secondary and college education.
Since the year 2000, I have been participating regularly in several collective local exhibitions.
I had two local solo exhibitions. The recent one was held at the Circolo Gozitano in Gozo. I exhibit regularly with the Malta Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce, Coma Artists and other local art communities.
I live in Malta but since the past few years I am travelling regularly to Sweden which is now my second home.