Minas Halaj

Minas Halaj

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Minas Halaj

Floral Minds! The concept of beauty is a burdened one. We are living in a society that fears its adoration in contemporary art, yet intimidates its women into accepting it as their highest value. We have degraded it in mass media and the celebrity yet revere it above all other qualities of life. Beauty is a double edged sword an instrument of seduction and inaccessibility burdened sword an overwhelming distrust in the simple sensation of pleasure.


In 2002 graduated from University of Fine Arts,Yerevan, Armenia.The same year moved to USA.2004-2007 University of Art, San Francisco USA,


2019 June Mixx Art Projects, "Understory" Telluride, Colorado
2019 March London Art Fair
2019 March AAF New York
2018 Context Art Miami, December Miami, FL
2018 October AAF Stockholm
2018 May Hong Kong Art Fair
2018 February Hampstead Art Fair, London
2018 February, Saatchi Art, “Constructed” Santa Monica, CA
2018 LA Art Show “Retrospect Galleries”, January Los Angeles, CA
2017 September Art Fair. Singapore
2017 March Art Fair, London Battersea
2017 Mixx Art Projects, "Beyond The Lines" Telluride, Colorado
2017 December Art Basel SCOPE. Miami
2016 SCOPE, International Contemporary Art Show, November 29-December 4, Miami Beach
2016 International Art Symposium “Atelier An Der Donau” Vienna Austria
2016 Saatchi Art, "Fresh Faces" March, Santa Monica, CA
2016 Art Share-LA, "Faces in the Crowd" DTLA Los Angeles, CA
2015 Art Miami, Aqua Art, December Miami, FL
2015 Benefit-Kunstauktion Oskar Kokoschka's Museum, Pöchlarn, Austria
2014 International Art Symposium “Atelier An Der Donau” Vienna Austria
2014 Works On Paper “Brand 42” Brand Art Center, Glendale, CA
2013 Saatchi Gallery Showdown “Painted Faces” London United Kingdom.
2013 Annual Juried “Small Work Visual Show” Bakersfield Museum Of Art, CA
2012 Makslas Museum, Latvia
2012 International Mark Rothko Residency, “Mark Rothko 109th Anniversary”, Daugavpils, Latvia
2012 Art from the Ashes, Barnsdall Gallery Hollywood CA
2012 Art Cube Gallery Laguna Beach CA
2011 El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, LA, CA
2011 Group Show, Pier #92, New York, NY
2011 Los Angeles Municipal art Gallery, LA, CA
2011 Skinner Howard Contemporary Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2010 Rweeway Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2010 FERUS Gallery, West Hollywood, CA
2010 Art from the Ashes Gallery, Glendale, CA
2009 Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce, Italy
2009 Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2008 Think Space Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2008 Tracy Park Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2008 Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA
2007 Italian American Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
2007 Museum of Modern Art, Yerevan, Armenia
2007 Venice Contemporary, Culver City, CA
2007 Tracy Park Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2006 Serge Sorokko Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2006 Venice Contemporary, Culver City, CA
2006 Tracy Park Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2004 Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, CA


Pepsico Company Collection, Dubai, UAE
Princess Anita Of Hohenberg Collection, Vienna, Austria Victor Drai, Hollywood Entertainment Famous director, Las Vegas, NV
Joseph Reap, Collection of, Morgan Stanley Headquarters Manhattan, NYC
Nersesian Collection, New York, NYC
Timothy G. Smith, Collection West Hollywood, CA
Gary Goldstein Design Associates, Irvine, CA
Anthony J. Cale & Associates, London, UK
Lea Black Collection, Miami, FL
Alex Reid Collection, West Village, NY
Ryan O’Neal Collection, Golden Globe Nominated Actor, Malibu, CA
Deanne-Joel Fried Collection, Los Angeles, CA
Maia Neumann Collection, Nice, France
Jennifer Jonak Collection, Graswell, OR
Denis Sutro Collection, Carver Sutra Wine Company, Napa Vally, CA
Elizabeth Turner Ottosen Collection, Basel, Switzerland Samira Barlava Collection, Beverly Hills, CA
Poor Hb Collection, London, UK
Philipe Caland Collection, Los Angeles, CA
Ryan Finley Collection, Portland, OR
Scott Bernstein Sony Music head quarters office, Beverly Hills, CA
Nishanta Baidya Collection


Solo Exhibitions
2019 Ren Galley "Floral Mind" DTLA, Los Angeles, CA
2015 Main Street Gallery, "Floral Minds" Walla Walla, Wa
2010 Raffsonny Gallery, Hackensack, NJ
2008 Tracy Park Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2007 Tracy Park Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2006 Tracy Park Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2006 Herbert P. Gallery, West Hollywood, CA
2005 Christianne Engs Gallery, West Hollywood, CA
2005 ArcLight Theatre Gallery, Hollywood, CA