João Figueiredo

João Figueiredo

Lisbon, Portugal

About João Figueiredo

João Figueiredo

João Figueiredo was born in Lisbon in 1970. In his academic life there are several years studying History of Art and a animation cinema course at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. He graduated in Design in 1993 at IADE and later frequented the design and arts at AR.CO.
He worked for several years on publicity and design. Several very successful publicity campaigns had his touch on them and he was responsible for the arts direction of several publications and was the author of several Book covers for several famous authors such as Vasco Graça Moura, Leonor Xavier and Margarida Rebelo Pinto. He received praise for his proposal for a logo for Expo98 and the 1st prize in direct marketing, for Martini. He founded two design companies, AB21 and Design Partners.
In 2000 his first paintings came to light in the exhibit “Mortas por Natureza” (“Dead by Nature”) which was followed within a year by the exhibition “Frutos Proibidos” (“Forbidden Fruits”) in partnership with Jacinto Luis.
In 2004 he received the “Prize Nadir Afonso” at the Estoril Contemporary Art Fair, his work having been chosen by Architect Nadir Afonso himself. In that same year he finished the phase of still lives with “Liliput Chamber”.
In 2005, with the exclusive and groundbreaking support of Swarovski, João Figueiredo began a new phase with projects of reinterpretation of classical works of art.
He presented “Retratos da memória” (“Portraits of memory”) and the Grémio Literário in Lisbon and “Rinascimento dil Rittrato” (“Rebirth of portrait”) and the International Florence Bienalle of Contemporary Art, for which he got a highlight critic at the “New York Arts Magazine”.
In 2006 he presented “Again for the first time” at the Ministry of Finance in Lisbon.

Throughout his career it is also possible to highlight the nominations for the “Vespeira Prize”, “Artur Bual Prize” and “Cerveira Bienalle”, and the receipt in 2005 of the honorary mention of the “D. Fernando II Prize” by the Sintra Municipality.
During the celebrations of the “New Seven Wonders of the World”, which took part in Lisbon, he was invited to present the project “SEVEN – From Past to Pop” at the Museum of the City of Lisbon, one of the works presented having been given an honorary mention at the “3rd Erotic Art Prize”.
By the end of 2007 he presented his first work on photography “D-TALES – Digital Tales”, a photographic reinterpretation of his art works.
On the occasion of the State Visit to Portugal of the King and Queen of Sweden in 2008, João Figueiredo was invited to create a work of art to be offered by the Portuguese State. He made a reinterpretation of a painting of the second wife of Emperor D. Pedro I of Brazil, D. Amélia of Beauharnais. Another reinterpretation of this same painting was part of the exhibition “Era uma vez em… 1808-1908” (“Once upon a time in... 1808-1908”) at the Ministry of Finance, a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the departure of the Portuguese Court to Brazil and the 100th anniversary of the Regicide.
In 2010 he opened the exhibition “Don’t Tell Me The Truth” and within ARTCOM he won the 1st prize with an installation presented in Cascais named “Family Portrait”.
Internationally João Figueiredo was present in 2005 at BIACF – Biennale d'Arte Contemporanea di Firenze and at GARF – Glasgow Art Fair. By the end of 2006 he presented “Less is more” at the Zizi Gallery in London.
In 2010, on the invitation of the Portuguese Embassy in Andorra and to celebrate the Portuguese National Day (Day of Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities) he presented “Imatges de la Memória”.
“PT – Woman – A Tribute” was presented in Tokyo on the invitation of the Portuguese Embassy, on the celebration of the 140th anniversary of the Peace Treaty between Portugal and Japan, a reflexive exhibition that paid hommage to the Portuguese woman, with reinterpretation of illustrious feminine figures of our history.



2010 • PT WOMAN A TRIBUTE • Eye of Gyre Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2007 • “XIII International Biennial of art of Vila Nova de Cerveira” • V. N. Cerveira, Portugal
• Arte Madrid 2007 • Madrid, Spain
2006 • “Glasgow Art Fair 2006” • Glasgow, Scotland
2005 • “Biennale Internazionale del´Arte Contemporanea” • Florence, Italy
• “D. Fernando II Prize” • Espaço Cultural S. Domingos • Sintra, Portugal
• “XIII International Biennial of art of Vila Nova de Cerveira” • V. N. Cerveira, Portugal
• “Vespeira prize” • Montijo City Hall • Montijo, Portugal
• “Estoril Arte” • Arte In Gallery • Estoril Congress Centre • Cascais, Portugal
• “Artur Bual award” • City Hall • Amadora, Portugal
2003 • “Estoril Arte” • Arte Urbana Gallery • Estoril Congress Centre • Cascais, Portugal
2002 • “Winter Festival” • Thirteen Floor Gallery • Chicago, USA



2014 • “REMIND ME WHY I STARTED” • Santa Catarina Gallery • Lisbon, Portugal
2013 • “THE GARDEN OF HIDDEN” • Arts no solar st Antonio Gallery • Oporto, Portugal
2013 • “SMALL IS GREAT” • Allarts Gallery • Lisbon, Portugal
2011 • “STOLEN BEAUTY” • Schloss Korb Gallery • Bolzano, Italy
2011 • “BROKEN PROMISE” • Espaço Cultural Príncipe Real • Lisbon, Portugal
2011 • “LOOK INTO ME” • The Bridge Gallery • Lisbon, Portugal
2010 • “IMATGES DE LA MEMORIA” • Art el Set Gallery • Principality of Andorra
• “DON´T TELL ME THE TRUTH” • Camara dos Azuis Gallery • Lisbon, Portugal
2009 • “PORTUGAL LOVERS” • Artin Gallery • Lisbon, Portugal
• “BACK TO THE PALACE” • Pombal Palace • Lisbon, Portugal
2008 • “ONCE UPON A TIME IN… 1808 1908” • Finances Ministry • Lisbon, Portugal
2007 • “D-TALES” • Solar de St. António Gallery • Oporto, Portugal
• “RECENT WORKS” • Schloss Korb Gallery • Bolzano, Italy
• “SE7EN - FROM PAST TO POP” • City Museum • Lisbon, Portugal
2006 • “LESS IS MORE” • Zizi Gallery • London, UK
• “AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME” • Finances Ministry • Lisbon, Portugal
2005 • “RINASCIMENTO D’IL RITRATO” • Hotel Tivoli • Oporto, Portugal
• “MEMORY PORTRAITS” • Grémio Literário • Lisbon, Portugal (sponsor BPN)
2004 • “LILLIPUT CHAMBER” • Arte Privada Gallery • Lisbon, Portugal (sponsor Barclays Bank)
2003 • “FORBIDEN FRUITS” • Arte Privada Gallery • Lisbon, Portugal
2002 • “PER(AS)PECTIVAS” • Artes e Artes Gallery • Lisbon, Portugal
2001 • “DEAD BY NATURE” • Alcântara-Studio Gallery • Lisbon, Portugal (sponsor Oni )
2000 • “3 CENTURIES 2 PAINTINGS” • Alcântara-Studio Gallery • Lisbon, Portugal (sponsor MillenniumBCP)