Francisco Vila Guillén

Francisco Vila Guillén

Valencia, Spain

About Francisco Vila Guillén

I was born in Spain in 1965. My work is about abstract patterns and automatic drawing. All that nature offers has always attracted me. Looking very closely at the surface and the inside of plants, algae, fungi, rocks all kind of natural things, alive or not, brings us an infinite world of patterns, forms and shapes. An artistic mind can find all of those hidden clues and unveil them to create beautiful things that bring the viewer joy. I consider the artist a kind of translator of that unknown language that it is everywhere and in everything, making it accessible to the public. You can see my work in official and private collections all over Spain, and private collections worldwide.

Siempre me ha atraído lo que la naturaleza nos ofrece. Vistas de cerca las superficies de plantas, algas, hongos, líquenes y todo tipo de pequeños seres vivos nos provee de un infinito mundo de patrones, formas y colores. Creo que el artista es la persona que puede encontrar las pistas ocultas y desvelarlas para ofrecer compresión y belleza al espectador. Es decir, el artista sería el traductor de ese idioma oculto que está en todas partes".



First prize III visula poetry contest, Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, Córdoba.
Selected II Bienal Mª Isabel Comenge, Museum las Atarazanas , Valencia
2019 Finalist Prize Senyera of arts Council of Valencia.
Accésit V artis's book contest council of Móstoles, Madrid.

Prize to artist's book, Cultural center, Móstoles, Madrid.
Valbusenda winery art competition finalist
Prize A2 in the DCOOP painting contest. Sevilla Spain.
First prize of the XV international experimental poetry contest of the Badajoz provincial county, Spain.
Adquisition prize XV biennal "la gastronomia y la pintura" Casa Consuelo Otur- Valdés asturias. Spain
2015 First prize international art contest IDEABORN 2015, Barcelona.
First prize XXXV Art Biennal de pintura City of Moncada, Valencia.Spain
2013 Mention of honour in visual art Foundation Arena, Barcelona Spain
S econd prize Valbusenda art contest , Toro, Zamora. Spain
2012 First prize painting contest villa de Chiva Valencia. Spain
First prize national art contest of the College of Veterinary officer of Zaragoza, Spain
adquisition prize in the XXX art contest of Bolaños, Ciudad Real Spain
Shared Prize in the regional art salon Ciudad city of Puertollano. Ciudad Real Spain
Second prize illustration contest Eurostars hotels
2011 First prize on the art contest Paco Merino, Granollers, Barcelona. SPain
Adquisition prize XIII Cadiz entreperneurs asociation National art contest Cádiz. Spain
Adquisition prize LXII salón de arte ciudad de Puertollano, Ciudad Real
2010. Adquisition prize VIII art contest city of Mutxamel, Alicante. Spain
First prize IX art biennal “Pascual Tomás” Valencia Spain
Adquisiiton prize XXIV national art contest J.A. Sequí. Tarancón, Cuenca Spain
Second prize XXIII art biennal Eusebio Sempere, Onil, Alicante Spain
adquisition prize 8ª biennal “Daniel Martínez Pedrayes” Avilés, Asturias. Spain
Mention of honour XXV international art contest city of Villarta- Cuenca Spain
2009 FIrst prize foundation mobilarte, V art and technology Carsa, Bilbao Spain
Mention of honour IV art contest Paco Merino Granollers, Barcelona Spain
Finalist VI prize art Club Paul Ricard, Sevilla Spain
2008 first Prize in the XV art contest “Ángel Andrade” regional council of Ciudad Real Spain
second prize II internacional design contest "impossible shoes" ’08 Arnedo, La Rioja Spain
2007 second prize VIII art biennal “Pascual Tomás” Valencia Spain
Mention of honour II art contest “Rupestria” city hall of Moratalla, Murcia. Spain
2006 Mention of honour I art contest "Rojo y negro" “Ald-automotive” Infantas gallery , Madrid. Spain
First prize XIII regional council of Ciudad Real art contest “Ángel Andrade” Ciudad Real, Spain
2005 first prize foundation Mobilarte, III art and technology conest carsa, Bilbao. Spain
First prize XII regional council of Ciudad Real art contest “Ángel Andrade” Ciudad Real, Spain
second prize IV international experimental poetry of the regional council of Badajoz. Spain
Regional council of Ciudad Real
Regional council of Badajoz.
Colection Jesús Bárcenas
Contermporary art collection of the Bank Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo.
Moncada city hall , Valencia.
Onil city hall, Alicante.
Chiva city hall, Valencia
Mutxamel city hall, Alicante
Moratalla city hall, Murcia
Tarancón city hall, Cuenca.Contemporay art museum "Casa Parada".
CEC Confederation of entrepreneurs from the province of Cádiz
Dr. Alio Foundation, Alicante
Mobilarte Foundation, Bilbao
Pascual Tomás Foundation, Valencia
Group pro-art Paco Merino, Granollers, Barcelona


One of the 30 finalists of the highest rated painting prize in Valencian Comunity. II Bienal de Pintura Mª Isabel Comenge
One of my visual poetries is the corporate identity of the Theater festival "Cabanyal intim" held in May in Valencia. Billboard, posters, badges a giant image that covers one of the public city buses will ride around Valencia this May.
Featured in the winter Issue of the NONPROFIT QUARTERLY magazine.
June the15 th, my visual poetry pieces are featured on "la aventura del saber" Spanish national public LA2 TV

Featured in the Lifestyle magazine Project luxury and art summer 2017 issue.

Featured on XAMOUart, online art publication.


2020 II Biennal Mª Isabel Comenge. Royal Medieval dockyards of Valencia from 21th of october to 10th of january 2021.
2019 january, collective of artists "12 islands" in the Altillo de MIralindo. Valencia.
2018 Fine arts circle. Valencia. exhibition of the of Rotary club Valencia centro II artprize. the Galeria ARTiOCI, Valencia.
2017 Espai d'art ARPELLA; Muro de Alcoy, Alicante, Spain from june the 23th to july the 30th
Reproductions of my colourful work display in some GIRAFFE restaurants in UK and Black and White graphic sketch can be found in the WILLIAMS-SONOMA stores.
Large list of exhibitions in town halls, culture venues and museums all over Spain. Since 1990