Sven Teuber

Sven Teuber

Hürth, NRW, Germany

About Sven Teuber

The artist Sven Teuber was born in Ansbach, Germany in 1962.
Beginning in his teenage years and throughout his life, Teuber lived in France, the
Netherlands and moved about the german cities of Hannover, Frankenberg, Berlin
and Cologne - where he lives to this day. The ten years he lived in Paris (from
2002 to 2012) were especially formative for his work as an artist.
Today, he works as a freelancing artist in Hürth, near Cologne. His work is distinguished by a distinct focus on photography in combination with Digital Painting, collages, background installations and sculpture. His art pieces draw heavy influence from contemporary societal movements and the simple, yet irrepressible human desire to be creative.

My artistic work is best described as a combination of different techniques onto a single medium – the photograph; it forms the foundation of my work. I find that photography somewhat limits my artistic freedom, but I repeal this limitation by combining the picture with traditional painting. A variety of photographic forms is combined with a variety of painting techniques and together they form a synthesis that seeks to expand the possibilities for my artistic expression.
When I’m painting I use a brush and paint, a sponge, paper or a canvas - just as you would in traditional painting. But there is a difference: Most of these tools are used digitally on my tablet pc with a digital pen. For me, there is no contradiction in doing so - traditional and modern media complement each other.
My work is also very subjective: each piece captures my impressions and how I have seen, felt and experienced them. Breaking with artistic traditions is a deliberate part of this process.

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2016: International Museum of Collage Santa Fe, New Mexico

September, I AM THE MANY
For Criminal Justice Reform, White House, USA

July 13th, Art Photography Collection, Louvre Paris Online presentation premiering and continuing throughout the year.

June 17-20, 27, Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival ”Video Trafiky” Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi and Venice Art House

16 March to 30 April, City of Cologne

2014 :
11 to 14 September International ArtExpo’s video artists, Spain MARTE - Feria de Arte Contemporáneo de Castellón

13 Jul to 31 Aug. Sommerausstellung in der Burggalerie Kunstforum Waischenfeld e. V, .Burg Waischenfeld

April 23 at Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Granada, España in occasion of ARTE GIRA festival.

3th and the 27th of March 2014, “Borderland”, International Video Art MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, Almería, España

Vision "You and Me", Cologne

2013 : "Artclub", Cologne
2012 : "Artclub", Cologne
2012 :
Afterwork CrossArt ", Theater an der Niebuhrg, Oberhausen
2011 :
ArtWalk, Unperfekthaus, Essen

2009 :
A Book About Death", The Queens Museum
of Art, New York : "
Modern Art", Galerie für junge, zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin".