Toby Hazel

Toby Hazel

Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

About Toby Hazel

I never really chose to be an artist - expressing myself visually is just part of who I am. Art is one of the few things you can throw yourself into entirely - putting everything that you are into the process. By embracing this idea, I allow my art to be as diverse as my own human experience. I have many styles, and the simplicity, immediacy and flexibility of acrylics lends itself well to my approach to painting.

Repeating themes in my artwork are abstraction, the use of the abstract quality of features of nature such as rocks and water, influences from tribal and primitive art, the use of the subconscious to drive the creative process, and a vibrant use of colour.


I am self-taught and have been painting since 2004. Before this, I was a computer programmer - I have a PhD in Computational Neuroscience. I have exhibited at several open shows in Sheffield (Art in the Gardens, The Great Sheffield Art Show). I have also exhibited at several galleries in Sheffield, and in Birmingham. I also had a solo exhibition at the Birmingham and Midland Institute in 2005.