Antonio Vargas

Antonio Vargas

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

About Antonio Vargas

I am a Brazilian artist who grows up like an artist during the 80'years. That time I lived and studied in Spain where I win an honor mention in sculpture and did a PhD in Arts. Since 1993 I live again in Brazil where I am professor at university and I work especially with painting, sculpture and photography manipulated by digital software and my work has different influences like neo-expressionism in painting or the Brazilian neo-concretism in digital photos, but also I have influences from Freud, Chagal, Basquiat, Chuck Connely, Baselitz, Rauschenberg and Warhol. is proposed in most of my work to discuss the contemporary image reception on the visual means (being on television, internet, advertise boards or on artistic objects) through concept questioning such as perception, identity, passivity, dormancy and mainly between pleasure and repulsion. In a grotesque image, the beauty disguises the improbable, sordid and stupidity. When it is looked at a grotesque image, the pleasure and happiness present themselves at the first moment.

Born: Brazil, 1961.
Education: Facultad de Bellas Artes /Universidad Complutense de Madrid-Spain , PhD (1992)
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul-UFRGS-Brazil (1986)
Media: sculpture, painting, digital print, multimidia, costume, scenography.

Contact information: Rodovia Haroldo Soares Glavan 1093 casa 06 Florianopolis SC-Brazil.
Skype: acvargass
Phone: 55 48 991077999


PhD in Visual Arts by Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1992)


2009 - XV Bienal de Cerveira/Portugal - Guest Artist
1995 Scholarship Postdoctoral in Barcelona-Spain- by CAPES- Brazil
1991 Mention honours XV Salón Nacional de Escultura Caja, Madri-Spain
1990 Mcholarship PhD in Madrid-Spain- by CNPq-Brazil
1988 Mention honours IV Salão de Arte de Curitiba/Brasil


Collective exhibition

2017- Coletiva Galeria Airez/ Curitiba. Brazil2012- Art Compettition 2 – Porto- Portugal – Galeria Por Amor a Arte.2011- Toronto open-door-art. Toronto-Canadá. 2009 - XV Bienal de Cerveira/Portugal. 2009 - Neo-anacronismo. Galeria Por amor a arte. Porto/Portugal.2008 - Caminhos da pintura contemporânea, Galeria Flat, Florianópolis/Brasil. 2008 - Pretexto, Museu Cruz e Souza, Florianópolis/Brasil. 2008- Colagens Contemporâneas. Pinacoteca Barão de Santo Angelo. POA. RS.2007 - Galeria da Funarte, São Paulo, Brasil.2005 - Galeria Gallas & Mayer, Goldkronach, Alemanha.2004 - Galeria Gallas & Mayer, Goldkronach, Alemanha. 2004 - Stadtbibliothek Boyrauth, Luitpoldplotz, Alemanha. 2003 - Porto Alegre em Foco, Pinacoteca Barão de Santo Ângelo, Porto Alegre, Brasil. 2002 - Extra, MASC, Florianópolis, SC Brasil. 2000 - 7o. Salão Nacional Victor Meirelles, MASC, Florianópolis,SC Brasil. 1991 - XV Salón Nacional de Escultura Caja, Madri, Espanha (com Menção Honrosa). 1988 - IV Salão de Arte de Curitiba, Brasil (com Menção Honrosa). 1986 - IX Salão Nacional de Artes, Museu de Artes do Rio Grande do Sul - MARGS, Porto Alegre, Brasil. 1986 - Galeria Arte & Fato, Porto Alegre, Brasil. 1985 - XII Salão de Arte Contemporânea de Santos, Brasil. 1984 - IV Salão Sul América, Curitiba, Brasil. 1984 - Pinacoteca Barão de St Ângelo, Porto Alegre, Brasil. 1984 - Xl Salão de Arte Contemporânea de Santos, Brasil. 1982 - Primeiro Salão de Arte Universitária, Univeridade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Individual exhibition

2008- Galeria da Funarte- SP. 2008- Galeria Municipal Pedro Paulo Viechetti, Florianópolis,SC. 2008- Museu de Arte de Santa Catarina-MASC.. 2006 - Galeria Gallas & Mayer, Goldkronach, Alemanha. 2005 - Galeria Gallas & Mayer, Goldkronach, Alemanha. 2005 - Galeria La Peña, Austin, Estados Unidos . 2004 - 29 e 1, Museu de Arte de Santa Catarina - MASC, Brasil. 1998 - Grande Galeria, Centro Integrado de Cultura - CIC, Florianópolis, Brasil. 1987 - Galeria BFB, Porto Alegre, Brasil.1983 - Pinacoteca Barão de St° Ângelo, Porto Alegre, Brasil