Zhivko Sedlarski

Zhivko Sedlarski

Sens de Bretagne, Brittany, France

About Zhivko Sedlarski

It is sometimes said that there exist two kinds of sculptures -the one of mass and the one of movement. This division is certainly simplistic, but by being conformed to it, even provisionally, we are led without hesitation to classify the work of Jivko Sedlarski in the second category. In fact, if the term "kinetic" did not already have a precise and limited sense, it would be tempting to apply it to his work - not because it moves, but because it breathes and expresses the notion of movement.

One must observe the polished metal flags raised by the wind as their shape suggests and seems to be blowing to be convinced of it, or even the "launch devices" that appear aggressive as they seem ready to detach themselves from their base. It's the energy in its purest form that animates all these works, that energizes the material they are made of and that makes the air vibrate around them.

Very often, the sculptures of Jivko Sedlarski are progressions, forms that proliferate, and apparently mock the laws of gravity, which highlights another feature - the contrast between the actual weight and the apparent lightness of the work. In fact, it is the first one that supports the second one, which allows the artist to push its forms beyond the point where the balance would normally be broken. The result is a sense of mystery and almost of danger, which adapts very well to some lyrical touches (think of the light blue plates that crown his admirable "Breton sky"). In sum, it is a vision at the same time strong, fragile and intriguing just as Jivko Sedlarski offers - and it is a privilege for us to be admitted to share it with him.

Vincent Nach
2007 - Concil of Europe


As a woman glides by on the street, the scent of her perfume ribbons and lingers in her wake and the ruffling froufrou of her dress stays in the ear long after she has disappeared

The naughty wind billowing under their skirts changes and reveals the feminine silhouettes gleefully revealing in a flash the curvature of a leg

Their hair ruffled, skits of lovelies walking or in a pirouette displaying improbable getups, the steel ladies of JIVKO SEDLARSKI can change from warrriors in glistening armour to conquering amazons or strutting models in an imaginary parade. Every single one is an inspiration of pure femininity swinging from sheer magic to untold mysteries.
Diverse and as multishaped as those dreams which haunt every man's imagination, they structure the stylized and imperious work of JIVKO SEDLARSKI who efficiently unveils with tact their varied stories.
Glamorous or reserved they irrevocably flee from the constraining jail of a ballooning slip to regain their independence and their ever changing
And even when in the aftermath of their escape, only remains a glistening sculptured and unfailing dress, this is just one more trick of JIVKO SEDLARSKI to cast a spell of feminine essence on the unaware baffled spectator.

Commisair Museum Utrillo-Valadon/France

5 november 2011



High school of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
Training course in sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany
Teacher in sculpture in the secondary school “Poushkin”, Sofia, Bulgaria
Courses of Prof. Palov's anatomy to the Academy of Medicine of Sofia


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Contemporary Art Fair Sergy Pontoise / France
6ème European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Eragny sur Oise - Cergy-Pontoise / France
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« China-Europe Union and the Emperor Qin’s warriors », Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum, Xian / Chine
Shandong Province Art Museum,
Urumuqi Art Museum, Urumqi / China
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