Amelia Errazuriz T

Amelia Errazuriz T

santiago, metropolitana, Chile

About Amelia Errazuriz T


By chance I stopped once at a framing shop and saw a big pile of descarded wooden frames. I decided to collect them and to give them a second life. These small pieces of wood embodies a big memory and many stories, besides its differents natures such as color, size, syles etc.
I look for their uncertainties to create something different and unique, before being waste and long before being a found object and after becoming a work of art with a rich poetry component.

SHORT TECHNICAL DESCRPTION OF TH WORK (method used, techniques, process involved) (100 words)

The geometrical order that I build is created by a modular way as a pixel that shapes the new art work. This is a long, pacient and carefully way to assemble the fragments that creates a new and contemporary art work in a unique and
distinctevely way .


I was born and Iive in Santiago, Chile. I studied Arquitecture in the Universidad Católica de Chile (besides that I always wanted to be an artista) and a Diploma of Visual Arts at the same university. I have had many collective and solo shows in Chile and abroad.
As an arquitect my way of conceiving an art work has a special way. At first when I sarted as a profesional artist I wanted to recreate and show in a different way the everyday chilean landscape, now instead I build new visibilities of the everday objetcts and leftovers.
These objects that nobody pays attention are for my eyes, a fabulous and fascinates me: my aim is to find the order of the apparently desorder of the waste that shows the quick and big transformations of the contemporary world we live on.


Collection Ojo Latino, L. Bennetton, Italia.
Collection Universidad de Talca, Chile.
Collection CaSa, Chile.
Private collectors.


2021-Bienal Sur Internacional in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2020-Tesoros de America, virtual exhibition because Covid Pandemia, Cascais Portugal.
2019-Casa Foa, Santiago, Chile.
2018-Tesoros de America, Univerdiad Católica de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2018-Bienal Internacional de escultura, Santiago, Chile.
2018-Metalmorfosis exhibition, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile.
2018-Aproximciones Geometricas, Lima, Perú.
2017-Trazados, Municipalidad de Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
2016-Nuevas Geometrías, Factoria Sanata Rosa, Santiago, Chile.
2016- Lo Bello y Lo Sublime; Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Bogotá, Colombia.
2015-Hacer y Des-hacer, Sala de Arte, Iquique,Chile.
2015-Feria de Arte ChaCo, Santiago, Chile.
2015-Residencia Placer, Santiago, Chile.
2015-Feria Arte FAXXI,Santiago, Chile.
2014-Feria Arte PINTA, London, England.
2014-Sobrevivencia, LIma, Perú.
2013-Acopios, Solo Show, Univerdiad de Talca, Santiago, Chile.
2013-País Sonhado, Memorial de Arte Latinoamericano, Sao Paulo, Brasil.
2012-Bienal de Arte, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.