Witness of Age ( Buttons) (series) Installation by Mehriban Shamsadinskaya

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Art Description

Installation: Digital on Cardboard.

"DÜYMƏ" conception
Button. That can be more ordinary and usual, what this littleobject onto our clothing.
Frequently we do not even begin to think about that,as well as from where it appeared in the casual wardrobe. And meantime, the button has the, interesting history.
It was a decoration, was considered as talisman and was fastening on a clothing.
Time went, a fashion developed, original appearance of the button changed: it became more look like an usual for us round object with tiny holes for sewing down. The function of talisman slowly stepped back on the second plan; the button was the original carrier of information.
On an amount and quality of the buttons it was possible to define status of man, line of his business sufficiency, social status. Amount of which showed the level of welfare, the buttons began to sew on as a decoration, without some functional setting.The buttons were created from precious metals, bone, tree,skin, crystal, glass, pearls ,precious and carpentry stones.Frequently they were valuable jewelries. They were passedon an inheritance, abandoned in a dowry, hid as treasures, idea of which is basis for video of art of this exhibition.
In a modern art by the mixed technique it is succeeded to create works saturated on a color and composition and leaning against certain conceptions.
The exhibition of "DÜYMƏ" unites work of young, talented artists from different specializations, ceramics, tapestry ,painting, graphic design, works of that are based on the magic and functional symbolics of this irreplaceable article of clothing. Five participants of this exhibition united creative conception and created works, combination of painting, sculptural constructions, graphic design, installations and video art.Running everyday into the buttons, we
forget as far as they are needed, until they did not cut off and it violated our usual comfort, however participants succeed to consider this"witness of epoch"
under the different foreshortening and it intensifies display, built on stage-by-stage influence seen and five authors, complementing each other create the exhibition sanctified to the button, in wide specter opening of the main idea.
Mehriban Shamsadinskaya




Witness of Age ( Buttons) (series)

Mehriban Shamsadinskaya



Size: 39.4 W x 59.1 H x 1.2 in

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