COWMAN ( South America) Painting by Luminita Taranu

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Exhibition: Museo Diocesano -Sulmona - 2015; IRCRCU -Venezia 2006; Accademia di Romania in Roma, 2006, Roma.
Personal Exhibition RCRU Venice, 2006; International Collettive Museo Diocesano, Sulmona (Abruzzo), 2014, Personal Exhibition Accadeia di Romania in Rome, 2006.

Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Paper, Paint, Wood on Canvas, Paper, Wood.

The work has been exhibited at the exhibitions:
COWMAN ( South America) participated at the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "XXXXII SULMONA AWARD" - Municipal Diocesan Museum Centre, Sulmona (AQ), Italy, 2015.
Catalogue is available.
2006: Personal Exhibition of painting and installation "METHAMORPHOSIS" - THE WORLD IN COLOURS", Academy of Romania in Rome. Curator - critic of modern and contemporary art and journalist of “la Repubblica” daily Mario de Candia. Project design of the exhibition by Dr. Architect Pietro Bagli Pennacchiotti.
Catalogue is available.
Personal Exhibition of painting and installation "METHAMORPHOSIS" – THE WORLD IN COLOURS", Palazzo Correr, Venezia, organised by Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research of Romania in Venezia. Text in catalogue - Mario de Candia.
Project design of the exhibition by Dr. Architect Pietro Bagli Pennacchiotti.
Catalogue is available.

Acrylic, wood, paper, sand on canvas
dim. 160cmx120cm
The work has a certificate of authenticity on the back.
The "COWMAN" represents the icon of the fusion between the cow and the human body and becomes the symbol of the union between nature and civilization. The product of metamorphosis and mutation, literally meaning the metaphor of creativity. THE COWMAN - L'UOMOMUCCA is born sporadic and simultaneously in different continents: "Eastern Africa COWMAN", "North America COWMAN", " Europe COWMAN", "South-Eastern Australia COWMAN", "Eastern Asia COWMAN", "South America COWMAN". Their existence is necessary to re-establish the equilibrium of life on our Earth. The COWMAN derives from "Man - Animal" ("Animal-Man) and represents his final evolved form. He means a new "creature" that our conservation and survival spirit seeks. The cow symbolizes nourishment, the nature, the instinct, the ancestral, the sacredness, the Earth. Human beings represent intelligence, consciousness and civilization. Today, the interplay between, on one hand, the ancestral, the natural and, on the other, civilization becomes difficult because of the intrusive presence of human creatures on Earth. The COWMAN is the ideal prototype of the new creature living on earth, the main actor of the future, born to restore the precious equilibrium of our world. We live in a period of significant psycho-social, political, economical and spiritual problems. The winning back of an equilibrium entails solving the problem of pollution, fighting for peace on Earth and for equal distribution of resources, returning to nature, re-evaluating common social, ethical and cultural values. The COWMAN carries this message of vitality and life. This new creature multiplies on all continents to became one population. The COWMAN evolves and becomes the "COWMAN OF THE WORLD", citizen of the world. His message is positivity. He represents the history of our conditioned transformation and of evolution of our spirit. And of Our spiritual evolution. This subject represents my artistic and philosophical thinking about our world, today. It stands as the conclusion of my work on the "Metamorphosis". I began working around this theme 20 years ago, when my favourite works were the drawings, engravings and lithographies. Then, I started to use the body of animals (cow, horse, wild boar, pork) and the human body as pretexts in my creations (web site:
I have worked on the cow for 20 years and now my subject has evolved to became a potential superior creature. I have worked on this theme since 2006, producing material and digital works, in two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms and installations.
I painted the compositions with acrylic colours on canvas, using the COWMAN as a model. On top of this icon, the composition, realized with wood painted in bright colours, contains my subjective inner projections. The presence of words in the composition is important. The text is written in sand from different beaches of the world (Sardinia, Calabria, Fiumicino, Venice, Rimini in Italy; Costa Brava in Spain Tripoli) in different nuance, rough sand. The content of the text is a fragment history of jazz, found on newspaper. This text gives the subject a contemporary and rhythmic meaning. I used a digital printed drawing on paper and developed the project of the Metamorphosis of the COWMAN.
Catalog available.



COWMAN ( South America)

Luminita Taranu



Size: 63 W x 47.2 H x 2.8 in

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