Unititled 9 Painting by Florin Coman

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Color, Paint, Airbrush, Enamel on Other, Canvas, Carbon Fibre, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Plastic.

My Artwork is specificly based on Daily Life in which case my own . Different hours or stages of the day with some repeated
patterns but always different backgrounds allowing me to show and therefor reveal huge changes of everyday lifestyle by emoti ons ,
motions or even something as small as a word as it did in mine which concludes to a variety of impacts and effects shown differently
with each painting.
Though they were all made at different parts of the day , as for example one could have been made in the morning when I just
woke up and didn’t really knew what was going on around me yet and the other at night time where the whole day had ended and I
was just looking for a way to lush out and free myself from any thoughts or emotions of what I was going through at that time , they
ALL have one thing to show and tell . You never know sommeone’s life until you see it through a beautiful story-telling painting . My
story . My Daily Life and everything that comes with it . My personal space and time that I felt most comfortable to concentrate and
release my vulnerable yet strong feelings and thoughts which until today I believe have stayed pure and truthful to who I am and so
does my heart shown deep I side them .
Though is My Daily Life therefore naming came easyly, I have decided to not name any of them because naming meant making
them precise , something I do not wish for my art because if the titles didn’t suit enough the painting it can ruin your artwork as
everyone would be able to see the bed naming choice and therefor lose interest in them altogether . My dreams have no limits
therefor why should my paintings do and strip my chance and the audiences of unlimitness within my work .
My Aims in life are very high and almost impossible to reach so I know I can win the attention of my audience because you rarely
find in our days someone so willingly letting the whole world see his darkest and lightest periods of his life with a piece of art and let
tell the tale on its own that no matter what going on in our daily lifes nothing can change who you really are but can and wi ll impact
futures perhaps . I allow myself to become vulnerable to the world so that different kind of massages can be pass out and perhaps
inspire others to tell their own story and massages with something as pure and beautiful as a piece of art . And I am a true believer
that art can make you express yourself in ways not even words can anymore .


Unititled 9

Florin Coman



Size: 82.7 W x 63 H x 0 in

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