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Brendan Briggs

Santa Barbara, CA, United States

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I was Born in Manhattan N.Y. and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Punk rock hit the L.A. scene in ‘78. Unlike other teenagers, I moved out from my parents home, to exit the shame of violence. I went to school, worked at a bakery, a shoe store and waitressed at a retirement home to pay for a a guest house which included a basement. There, in the basement I fronted a punk rock band.

I was 14 years old.

The band had great exposure and local successes. Because of my age I was never allowed into the clubs to "hang out" only to perform. The group for me, lasted roughly 2 years. I was preyed upon by the keyboard player, he was 29 years old.
In fronting other groups I found the same situation would occur; being preyed upon, sexualized, and in one instance brutally beaten in order to stay with the group. By 87, I abandoned a working rock band, ironically that band was called “Abandoned”. I was beat one last time. I packed a bag, headed to Seattle for a brain washing. I’d arrived and discovered poets who wrote music, incredible story tellers and a journey into darkness, light and unknowns. The road from Seattle back to Cali was a difficult, desperate and lonely time. Hilariously, I gave up the industry and went into theatre. I had a great run of co-starring roles in projects, one play matinee'd every weekend for over 2 years in 1993. This wasn’t the answer because at this time I was 30 years old, horribly drug addicted, penniless and contemplating homelessness. Five years further, a rough road, I finally awoke and asked for help. I could no longer see loneliness as a place of safety, that starvation could lead me to sanity and that a lack of spirituality was true guidance to being humbled, kind, human.
It’s been years since I’ve looked at that girl I once was. I’m currently living on the Mesa in Santa Barbara, CA. I’ve a relentless drive for: it takes a second to be kind, anti filibuster, social acceptance, advocate for anti-racial educational conversations contributing to behaviors, attitudes and policies and finally, Collaborative efforts with my artist community in helping each other cultivate a vibe of positive, safe, and loving platform for and with each other.

Education: School of YouTube Udemy

"I'm the sum total of everyone I’ve ever met." - Stallone
"It takes a village." - Rodeo Group
"Love and Light." - Brendan B.


Education: School of YouTube Udemy


2021 Gallery 113
2021 Santa Barbara Visual Artists - Virtual Show
2021 ALL Planet Earth Theme Art Exhibition & Competition Prospectus - Virtual Show
2021 Play + Inspire Art Gallery - Virtual Show
2021 Awarded: 3rd Place "The Hill" - Regional Center for Women of the Arts - Virtual Show
2021 Solo Show Kimpton Canary Hotel - The Canary Room
2020 Solo Show Kimpton Canary Hotel - The Canary Room
2020 Solo Show Hotel Californian
2020 Saatchi Artist featured in a collection
2020 Greenpoint Gallery virtual event
2019 Featured Artist Santa Barbara Visual Artist Show
2019 Featured Artist Glenn Dallas Gallery
2019 Featured Artist CARR Winery
2019 CAW 12 x 12 Show
2018 Featured Artist Santa Barbara Visual Artist Show
2018 Featured Artist Gallery 113
2018 Solo Show Faulkner Exhibit
2018 Santa Barbara Tennis Club
2017 Featured Artist Gallery 113
2017 Jewish Arts Community Center
2017 Santa Barbara Tennis Club
2017 Indigo Interiors
2016 Secret Spot Expo