Cierra Rowe

Cierra Rowe

Bowling Green, KY, United States

About Cierra Rowe

Art sits above the superficial barriers and trivial differences that we allow ourselves to entertain or be divided by, cementing the reality that we are all human, all navigating this strange and great metropolis called life. Many things inspire me to paint. I especially enjoy capturing my surroundings and places that I have yet to visit, in a way that breathes life into the canvas.

I think that the great outdoors is something to be cherished. As a small girl I traveled a lot with my parents, from Canada to Texas, New York and all around the USA. I remember being amazed at how different things out there were, compared to what I was familiar with at home. It was a good feeling, knowing that so many people occupied so many different crevices of the world. I feel that many lovely scenes are captured from memory and even more are captured from a desire to travel.

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