Clémence Renault

Clémence Renault

Marseille, Provence, France

About Clémence Renault

French artist born in Nantes (by the Atlantic Ocean, in a cloudy and green environment); currently living in Marseille (by the Mediterranean Sea, in a sunny and more chaotic urban setting).
I find drawing or painting to be a gateway to both contemplation and exchange. Observation is for me at the basis of drawing and I always feel “in the company” of who or what I’m representing. Drawing allows me to reveal what I perceive as beautiful or striking in an attitude, an atmosphere, a place.
I enjoy digital illustration as much as traditional techniques (dry pastel, watercolor, oil painting).

I felt my first artistic sensations when I was a teenager, through the classical piano, which I learnt for twelve years and taught for six years.

A first professional experience as a social worker made me discover new social horizons, and led me to recharge my batteries through personal activities. Drawing, which I had always practiced, became a daily activity. During metro rides, I started sketching my neighbors. I always draw passengers waiting on the opposite side of the platform. People don’t feel they’re being watched… and I feel more at ease. After a few months, I had to admit I really wanted to work as a graphic designer.
I had my first exhibit in August 2016, in Noirmoutier, a place I love for its peaceful atmosphere. My drawings are, most of the time, connected to this island.


Master of International Design, Axe Sud, Marseille