Dabin Lee

Dabin Lee

Seoul, Nowon-gu, South Korea

About Dabin Lee

Dabin Lee is an artist based in Seoul. Her main themes are emotions that people commonly experience but are not easily revealed, such as depression, fear and anxiety.
As a child, Dabin explored the inner dark parts of her depression and used art as a means of expressing and resolving emotions.

Mostly her works are inspired by portrait photography, medieval religious paintings, literature, and expressed using rough and thick textures, spilling and spreading accidental effects. And her paintings are expanding the range of expression to media such as body painting, photographs, videos and performances.

The beginning of Dabin’s work was to relieve personal feelings. But as her work expanded, she realized that it was contraindicated to reveal dark emotions in Korean society. Since then, her goal has been to let viewers see their dark feelings in her works and to face them.


Bachelor of Fine Arts Painting, Hong-ik University, Korea 2019


Solo Exhibition

「Face Your Depression」 (Pentagram)
2017 「Portraits」 (Bar Blanc)
「Imprint2-Female Gaze」 with Vagina Monologues (Itaewon Sonnendeck)
mART Project 「Private Graffiti-imprint」 (Itaewon Sonnendeck)
2016 「Dabin Lee in Object」 (Object)
2014 Moon bar party 「Blood Moon」 (Hotel banyan-tree)
「My Name Is Dabin」 (My Name Is John)
「Alone」 (5km)

Group Exhibition
「ASYAAF」 Asian Students And Young Artists Art Festival (DDP)
「The Body」 CICA Museum
「Project Mingle」

2016 Pildong art market project 「PILAF」 (art1)
「ASYAAF」 Asian Students And Young Artists Art Festival (DDP)
2015 「DUHA 1st exhibition」 (Conhas)
2014 ㄱㅇㅂ 「Exhibition 1」 (Our Monster)
2013 「Manwon Jeon-the second story」
「Ssang Nyeon-Jeon(Bitch)」 (Geumunhwa gallery)
2012 「Manwon Jeon of Eve」
「Manmin Gong dong Hoe」