Danielle van Broekhoven

Danielle van Broekhoven

Well, Gelderland, Netherlands

About Danielle van Broekhoven

About the work of Danielle van Broekhoven

During walks at home and abroad, Danielle constantly gives up impressions that could be painted. She photographs these or stores them in her memory. Once in the studio, the photos evoke images. Without preliminary studies or sketches, she starts an intuitive painting process. “I also put the photos I have taken aside, because I try to let go of everything I have seen and to trust my feelings. My "seeing" slowly pulls me through the painting process and creates entirely unique "landscapes". Sometimes recognizable, but often not. ”

The strength of her works is based on the interaction between herself and the painting in the making. While experimenting with paint and other materials, memories come to mind, but the action in the studio, the dialogue between her and the works created at that moment, is always leading. Painting in this phase is very intuitive, active and physical. During the painting in layers, the canvas is alternately laid down and placed upright. Large pools of acrylic paint are poured over oil paint. Parts are (again) polished away, other parts are highlighted and extra emphasized by a new layer of paint. “The colors I choose at that moment know more than I do! It is very much about feeling at this stage. Thinking back to the images that I have saved, I see movements, surfaces and light-dark divisions. ”

In the striking, powerful gestures with which she applies the paint, there is a certain audacity in handwriting and brushstrokes, a determination in choosing and treating her materials. Without being fully aware of it, she brings those characteristics together in paintings that ultimately always "burst with energy and harmony."


-Art Academy ABV Tilburg (Cum Laude statement in 1999)
-MFA Post St. Joost – Free Arts – Breda (2001)




September 2019 the work Pines is acquired by Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen The Netherlands
Januari 2019 5 Works were acquired by the DELA Collection



Exhibition in Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen
Groupshow Homerun#1 in Artspace Willem Twee, Den Bosch
Art Fair Kunstrai - represented by Huub Hannen galerie

Groupshow - Oase Oranjewoud
Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen

Groupshow - Huub Hannen Galerie

Art Fair Kunstrai - represented by Huub Hannen galerie

Groupshow – Homeland GalleryHet Bouwhuis, Deventer

Deelname Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair - represented by Het Bouwhuis

Landshapes – Groupshow Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough, Halifax, UK

Kasteel Nijenhuis (onderdeel van Museum De Fundatie, Zwolle) Groepstentoonstelling
De Lyriek van het Landschap

Deelname Art The Hague, Galerie Het Bouwhuis

Werkperiode van 3 weken bij artist in residence Sterrenbos (Leon Adriaans stichting)


Galerie Studio VENNIX Den Bosch, solo tentoonstelling

Galerie Het Bouwhuis, De Lettele, duo tentoonstelling

Galerie SBK Breda, Breda, groepstentoonstelling

Werkperiode van 3 weken bij artist in residence Sterrenbos (leon adriaans stichting)
Met aansluitend een expositie bij de Leon Adriaansstichting in St. Michielsgestel

Deelname Rotterdam Contemporary, Galerie het Bouwhuis

Deelname Art The Hague, galerie Huub Hannen


Affordable Artfair Londen - vertegenwoordigd door Four Square Fine Arts

Dungha Museum Dongen, solo-tentoonstelling

Huub Hannen galerie Maastrich, groepstentoonstelling

Kunsthal Boschveld, groepsexpositie van studio VNNX, "September Song"


STILLEVEN, expositie van de Vaasotheek, museum de Pont, Tilburg

Galerie van Kranendonk, CROSSCURRENT duo-expositie met Reinoud van Vught

Deelname aan groepsexpositie The Gallery in Londen - door Four Square Fine Arts , Londen

Deelname aan RAW kunstbeurs rotterdam, met galerie van Kranendonk

Deelname Art Amsterdam, met Galerie Huub Hannen

Kunstenlab, Deventer, groepstentoonstelling

In 2007 I was nominated for the royal award of free painting

In Collections of:
-AMC Amsterdam
-Rabobank Nederland
-Ministry of Foreign Aff