dorothe van biesen

dorothe van biesen

, Belgium

About dorothe van biesen

Dorothee Van Biesen aka « Doro Brode & Roll » obtained her Arts Degree from The Royal Academy of Art in Brussels in 2002.
She lives and works in Jemelle, Village in the Belgian countryside.

Since 2004, to represent mankind's guts, Doro composes and questions the embroidery.

Born from ancient traditions, with hijacked symbols and revived with numeric technology, Doro mixes bones, pearls, guns, satin, lungs and submarines to create supple sculptures to express mourning and its conventions, anatomy, the war and nature's disasters.
Her work has always been evocative of mankind, particularly the various stages of the body, in the making or disintegrating. The body as a sexual asset, embellished, taken apart, venerated and commemorated.

The use of embroidery allows a reflection on the textile language in itself.
How to respect its history and tradition bearing in mind its "clichés" use.

Doro exhibited her work as a sole artist and also as part of group exhibitions in Belgium, France, Quebec, Italia, Deutshland and Luxemburg.