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Artist's Statement
I was born at the Queen of Angels Hospital in Los Angeles , California , February 20, 1960. My name is Angela Ruth Dagostino. I remember finger painting in 1965 . My kindergarten teacher knew that my mom had just died. She was wise enough to route me in front of an easel. Art is a form of good luck and good fortune for me because I LOVE IT and my DECISION was MADE as a child to work in this field. My work is currently being shown and sold on ( if you care to view more of my art samples look here next) Also, I have various published examples I can provide upon request. I began my professional art career as a corporate graphic artist... this was in Los Angeles, California (early 80's) I just kept producing more and more artwork that evolved into almost exclusively paintings. usually on canvas . Over the years, some canvases have been destroyed and thrown away. They have been stolen and lost. My portfolio has been critiqued by the best. I've donated and gifted it. Sometimes, my oils and acrylics have been ignored (maybe rightly so) My art has been accepted and rejected by the more exclusive galleries everywhere. A small painting has hung in the women's bathroom at the Louvre in France... unofficially (REALLY.) and officially in a men's bathroom in Costa Mesa, CA. USA It has been viewed on government walls (and paid for by the mayor). Circa Y2K my work was shown at "FE" which was my own loft/ vending machine art gallery in Santa Ana, CA. (retablos, small oils on metal) But now, (2021) it is your turn to view it. My art is in the process of being collected and appreciated , or not, by viewers like yoU? Better late than never, right? Please know I am thankful for your time spent in consideration of my mission. It must be tiring to look at , even if it is great, Profound Gratitude. I know that there are literally thousands of others who are equally worthy of your viewing time. The choice is up to you. Please advise me of any interest you might have to work with me at 760-984-7250, By the way, the subject matter of each and every piece of work is " Love" because... WHAT ELSE IS THERE?
Angela Dagostino (as seen on . or Behance...)
prizes and awards , yes some.
exhibitions ; I HAVE PARTICIPATED IN MANY SHOWS AND EXHIBITIONS (both private and public) I HAVE SOLD MY WORK. INTERESTED yet ? PLEASE ENJOY WHAT I HAVE TO SHARE. or buy a piece if you wish.
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What I choose to share with you and others is my EVOLVING body of work ...some of it is raw / dull and some of it is shinny/ glossed and perfectly polished.
"MY" "STATEMENT" IS MY VISUAL ART... it's like you read about...

An artist's words are always to be taken cautiously. The finished work is often a stranger to, and sometimes very much at odds with what the artist felt, or wished to express when she began.
Louise Bourgeois 1955.
SOURCE: Reading Abstract Expressionism: Context and Critique, Ellen G. Landau, ed., New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2005, 180f. Originally published in Design Quarterly, no. 30 (1954), 18.

Marina Abramovic - Includes a biography on her website. This focuses on achievements, events and exhibitions. The statement about what her work is about reads as if written by a gallery. She has also developed a Legacy website for her own art institute.
Louise Bourgeois - discusses the influences on how artists talk about their work - but still actually says what she feels about her work
Jasper Johns - no website but several sites (including prestigious Museums) which purport to tell the story of his art. He's an interesting example of an artist who has made statements on film about how his art develops.

My primary concern is visual form. The visual meaning may be discovered afterwards – by those who look for it.
Jasper Johns

​Alex Katz - no artist statement. His website includes a narrative bio and a timeline.
Jeff Koons - there is no artist statement about his art - just a biography
Yoko Ono - the Imagine Peace website lacks an artist statement and yet it's informative in a disjointed way (​a lot like Ai WeiWei). It contains an Imagine Peace Manifesto and 25 Things Even My Best Friends Didn’t Know Until Now
Cindy Sherman's gallery (Gagosian) lists the many international places she has had exhibitions and provides a bibliography as a pdf download. No bio and no artist statement.

​Gerhard Richter - no artist statement. he has a biography (with a page for different time periods e.g. The 1970s - exploring abstraction) and a Chronology - which is split into decades and is strictly factual.

Yayoi Kusama - no artist statement. Website includes a biography. This is a long timeline based narrative which lists events in her life and exhibitions.
Takashi Murakami - no website. Gagosian lists a biography, list of exhibitions and a bibliography

Ai Wei Wei - no artist statement (his work is his statement?). Website has one line biography