Kris Gebhardt

Kris Gebhardt

bloomington, IN, United States

About Kris Gebhardt

Original large-contemporary art pieces
Egos, competition, unsolicited opinions — two artists under one roof, how is that possible? Decades of life lessons and experiences are visually rendered by husband and wife, large-format, mixed-media artists — peacefully. Kris and Angela Gebhardt’s pieces don’t just hang on walls, they dominate spaces. These artists make declarations that stop individuals and start conversations. The Gebhardts don’t collaborate and rarely share opinions about projects in progress, or otherwise. While they both use a variety of the same materials to create their art, what they produce is distinctly different from each other, and their peers.

Only Angela knows what truly stimulates her creativity. She expresses emotions in colors and shapes that hush, delight and excite. They are pretty and pleasing. Every stroke of paint, letter or note is organized until perfect. Images, numbers and words are tattooed and layered in acrylic, charcoal, oil, chalk, graphite, paper and more — to form her “auto-paint-ographies” — telling a story that will remain forever hers. Angela’s intensely personal style attracts patrons from around the world. They know her pain and sadness. Revel in her joy. Bask in her warmth.

Kris’ efforts are gritty — both literally and figuratively — gray and layered, his subjects are centrally placed over a finessed background. Early on he would engineer what was available on which to create — thus forming his style. Beat up surface is home to a beat down subject with distressed frame. Used cardboard, worn and tattered tarps stapled to one-by-fours, boxes and dismantled furniture are just a few of the starting points for a Kris Gebhardt “paintumentary.” Each the story of an actual person, the archetype of a being or Kris himself. His inspiration comes from the Greatest Generation, friends, employers and his own pre-artistic career. Gebhardt is proficient at portraying Every Man and his struggles.

Whether you own an Angela Gebhardt, a Kris Gebhardt or one (or more) of each, undoubtedly, their unique individual styles have touched you. In their inventory, you will find a library of her serene-scapes and congregation of his salty-characters, heroes, villains, animals, and influences.

Large-format, mixed-media Gebhardt paintings are at home in

* private collections around the world
* stylish luxury homes
* contemporary high rise lobbies
* corporate art collections
* block buster movie sets

and any environment that needs to make a high-impact visual statement.

What to do when the art shows are canceled, the airlines are shut down, restaurants aren’t accepting diners and collectors are in the market? Load a tour bus storage garage with large paintings, and hit the road. It stands to reason that artists with a rock-n-roll attitude would find a way to take art to the people, the same way musicians take music to their fans. Kris and Angela repeatedly find ways to be very hands on, even in touch-less times.


Recent Media:


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ArtExpo New York 2013
Spectrum Miami 2013
Spectrum New York 2012
Gebhardt Gallery Louisville Ky
Spectrum Indian Wells California 2016
ArtExpo New York 2016
Red Dot Miami 2016
ArtExpo New York 2017
Spectrum/Red Dot Miami 2017
ArtExpo Las Vegas 2018
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MAC GALLERIES -Fort Lauderdale-Jupiter-Florida, 2019
Market Art + Design Hamptons NY 2019
Art San Diego 2019
Evan Lurie Gallery July 2019
Affordable Art Fair NY 2019
SOFA Chicago 2019
Red Dot Miami 2019
Art Miami & Context 2019
Art Palm Beach 2020
Art Expo New York 2020
Gebhardt Exhibit 2020 MAC Galleries
RAVE Miami 2020
RAVE San Diego 2021