Gail Ojeda Duggan

Gail Ojeda Duggan

San Antonio, TX, United States

About Gail Ojeda Duggan

I am a painter and illustrator with a heart for social themes, people, and politics. I have always been influenced by the spiritual and emotional impact of social issues on society, and I believe that personality is found in the spirit, not in the image of a person. My works are a balance between what we see and what we feel. Thus, I strive to capture the spirit of my subjects, and to emotionally connect with viewers on sensitive subjects.

I have illustrated for several magazines and institutions such as The New Yorker and The United Nations, and have exhibited in
galleries in New York City and in San Antonio, Texas. I hold an MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York where I started my career, and currently live in San Antonio, Texas.


School of Visual Arts, MFA Illustration