Basel, Birsfelden, Switzerland


Mexican artist Switzerland-based.

My name is Hugo Barroso, I am a visual artist.

My artwork lies in the concurrence of art and invention.

Words like nature, life, language, philosophy, science and technology sound like poetry to me. My artwork lies also in the love and care for these words.
But if my artwork is the product of these beautiful reasonable ideas, it is also true that it is an automatism, a reflex, like crying or laughing.
For me art is a conditioned reaction, it is intuition working thru a filter of knowledge. Art is an exquisite automatism, it is an exquisite way to laugh and cry, it is a very refined way of instinct that helps us to perceive and react towards reality.


Barroso is a visual artist specialized in new media.
Main interests: Stereoscopy and 3D Computer Modeling.
Artistic work: 3D modeling Giclée images, and Installation in interface-rooms using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and alternative VR techniques.


Master Research degree in Contemporary Art and New Media at the Department of Plastic Arts and Contemporary Art in Paris-VIII University, France, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the National Centre for the Arts in Mexico City.


2008 Selection of the México-France System of Artistic Residences at the Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris)

2001 National Prize Education for the Arts (Mex).

2001 Selection of the México-Canada System of Artistic Residences at the Banff Centre for the Arts. (FONCA and the Government of Alberta, Canada)


2010 Solo exhibition: Nature Humaine. Espace des arts sans frontières, Paris.

2010 Solo exhibition: Belleza1.1. Université Saint Dennis, Paris8, Paris.

2009 Solo exhibition: Nature Humaine (Première version) Cité Internationale de Arts. Paris.

2007 Collective exhibition: Imagen y acto. Tech-Mex (web project) Mex. D.F.

2006 Collective exhibition: Plástico. Channel 22, 11 virtual pieces for a contemporary Arts TV show

2006 (1) Mex. D.F.

2005 Solo exhibition: Prêt-à-Porter. /AB/ Gallery. The National Center for the Arts. Mexico City.

2005 D.F. (1) (2)

2004 Collective exhibition: Toma del Hotel Señorial, Project of Centro Histórico Fundation, Mex. D.F.

2003 Solo exhibition: Salute Per Acua. Video in water and electro-acoustic music, project

2003 developed with Alexandra Cárdenas, Mex. Puebla.

2003 Solo Exhibition: belleza/beauté/beauty. The National Center for the Arts, Mexico City

2003 Collective exhibition: "Cooperativa De Arte En Video (Maraton Mexicano de arte en video en el

2003 marco de la clausura de la exposicion Douglas Gordon)" Rufino Tamayo Museum, Mex. D.F.

2003 Solo exhibition: The place where the words inhabit in. The National Center for the Arts,

2003 Mexico City.

2002 Collective exhibition: Palindrome. Mercer Union Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

2002 Collective exhibition: A saucer full of artists! The Banff Centre for the Arts. Banff, Canada.

2002 Collective exhibition: Belleza for Mex-Art Fest. Kioto Arts Center, Japan. Kyoto.

2001 Solo exhibition: Regreso. /AB/ Gallery, The National Center for the Arts. Mexico City-

2001 Collective exhibition: Regreso, Rotación X. MUCA-Roma Contemporary art museum D.F. Mex.

2000 Multidisciplinary project for Kalispherion (Project of Marcelo Gaete) Theater of the Arts at The

2000 National Center for the Arts. Mexico City.

2000 Collective exhibition: Art-object toys. Jose Luis Cuevas Museum.

2000 Collective exhibition: X. Spratling Museum, Taxco, Mexico.

1997 Collective exhibition: La Esmeralda, CNA.

1996 Collective exhibition: UPN.

1996 Individual exhibition at “El Diablo” Bar in Coyoacán, Mexico City (for three years)

1995 Solo exhibition, University Culture Center, CUC.