Joe Jbeily

Joe Jbeily

Montreal, QC, Canada

About Joe Jbeily

Whether carved from precious wood or cast in bronze, each of my sculptures tries to transcend the simple and stately elegance of the matter and express through it the movements of the human soul. I work with rare and noble materials like Zebrano, Cocobolo, Cedar, Paddock, Olive tree steel and bronze. Recently, I have sculpted pieces in Ebony, Morado, Macassar Ebony, Ziricote, Verawood,Canarywood, Violet and Rosewood. I often explore new ways to capture beauty, emotions and life events. Combining a personal technique which consists of intertwined steel cables in a variety of woods, my purpose is to create vibrant pieces whose message transcends the material. The contrast between the cold steel, hard and rigid and its figurative representation of sensuality and emotions is quite striking. Set into the plant material as a jewel, it ennobles it, without stealing the show. My pieces are polished, sanded, painted and varnished with great emotion. With such treatment, I believe, the sculptures soar, defying time and gravity.
Born in Lebanon, Joe Jbeily has called Canada home for over 30 years. His love affair with art began when he was nine and while studying art and sociology, sculpture dominated his youth. With its rich symbolism and history, olive wood quickly took centre stage in his sculptures for numerous years.

Despite his numerous business projects and diverse interests, sculpture has remained an unwavering passion. Today Jbeily joyfully devotes even more time to this life-long passion.

Alive and captivating, wood remains a magical source of inspiration. Exploring the shapes inflicted by time and the elements, he coaxes wood into sharing its story in ways that echo the physical and psychological human condition.

Revelling in the variety and multitude of trees surrounding his country home, Jbeily recently fell in love with cedar trees, in particular those submerged at the bottom of his lake for more than a century.

Joe Jbeily owns and operates TM Design, a Montreal based communication and branding company.


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